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Stuck Inside? Avoid Cabin Fever With These Tips


With all the snow storms we’ve been getting lately we’ve all had to spend more time indoors than we would probably like.  Staying inside for too long can result in a case of cabin fever if you’re not careful, that’s why we’ve come up with a list of activities to keep you occupied indoors until the warmer weather arrives.

  • Have a dance party.  Come up with a playlist of your favorite songs and dance your little heart out.  Look up dance moves you’ve always wanted to learn and practice until you’re ready to showcase them on your next night out.  It may sound silly but not only is dancing a great way to relieve stress, it’s also good exercise, killing two birds with one stone!
  • Movie marathon.  Enough said right?  Who doesn’t love getting into their PJ’s, making some popcorn, and hibernating on the couch all day?  Netflix has tons of great movies, and it only costs $7.99 per month for their instant streaming subscription.  If you don’t have Netflix but know in advance that a storm is coming and you’ll be stuck in the house, head to the nearest RedBox machine and stock up.  You can usually find great movies in the $5 bin at Walmart too, as long  as you don’t mind digging around a bit.
  • Bake, eat, repeat.  Have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try? What better time to try it than when you’re stuck inside for hours on end?  Plus when you’re done you’ll have a delicious snack to eat for the rest of the day.
  • Get organized.  Spring isn’t here yet but it’s never too early to start on spring cleaning.  Been meaning to clean out your closet or organize the items you have around your house?  Days like this are perfect for that.  Put on your favorite playlist and get to organizing!  When you’re done find a way to reward yourself, whether it’s with a nice glass of wine, some online shopping, or a movie marathon, do something to relax after getting organized!
  • DIY day.  Creating something on your very own can be very rewarding, especially if it comes out the way you actually wanted it to.  With so many different ideas floating around on Pinterest, you’ll have a hard time deciding what you actually want to make, but if you’re stuck inside all day you may not have to choose and might have time for all of them!  Make a collage, experiment with canvas art, learn how to make different types of jewelry, the options are endless.
  • Read a book.  With so many different things to read on the various social media sites, news outlets, etc it can be hard to find the time to sit down and read a book the old-fashioned way.  Snow days are perfect for combing through your bookcase and finding an old favorite, or a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while.  Once you’ve made your selection, get comfy with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy being unplugged for a while.
  • Redecorate.  Been wondering how your couch would look on the other side of the living room?  Now’s your chance to find out.  Be careful if you’re moving large pieces of furniture and don’t try to lift anything too heavy on your own.
  • Catch up with an old friend.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch with friends that you don’t see very often or that are usually hanging out in a different circle of friends, but snow days are the perfect time to call up an old friend and see what’s new in their life.

We hope these ideas can help you fight off a case of cabin fever!  Try to make the most of these snow days while they last, spring is on its way!  If you’re stuck inside all day with the kids, check out these ideas to keep them entertained.

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Charity Events This Month!

There’s no better feeling than helping others while entertaining yourself.  It’s easy and fun to give back to your community while helping those in need at these events in February.  Dance the night away, enjoy a roller skating disco party, ride your bike, or have a cupcake all while improving the lives of others this month!

Valentine’s Day Dance Party – head over to Mantra in Boston on Friday, February 15th for a huge dance party that also benefits a good cause.  The event is from 9 PM until 1 AM and will have cocktails, a complimentary appetizer, raffle prizes, and a specialty menu for the evening.  DJ Dash (voted #1 DJ in new England in 2011) will be spinning tracks all night long!  Tickets are $18 for groups of 5, $20 for couples, and $25 for single tickets.  Proceeds benefit Child Rights And You America INC, a non-profit organization that works toward the basic rights of survival, protection, development, and participation of underprivileged children, especially those of Indian descent.  This organization was founded in 2005 and continues to make a difference in the daily lives of children in Massachusetts.  So get dolled up and get ready to dance the night away all while supporting a wonderful cause!

Funky Rollerdisco Party – You already can’t resist this idea, am I right? I know I always enjoyed taking a spin on my rollerblades, and now you can help sick and injured animals at the same time!  Stop by the Chez Vous Roller Skating Rink in Boston on Saturday, February 23rd from 6PM-8PM for a night that will make you feel like you’re back in the 70’s!  This event benefits Fairy DogParents, a nonprofit organization that helps prevent dogs from being surrendered to shelters because of medical bills.  They provide assistance with food, medical and general wellness needs of qualified dog recipients in Massachusetts and totally rely on donations to do so. Tickets are $10 and there will be a raffle, costume contest, and DJ on hand through the night.  Tickets for this event don’t cost much but your support makes a major difference!

3rd Annual Cupcake Tasting-How can you say no to a free cupcake from one of Boston’s premiere bakeries?  All you have to do is head over to the MGH Blood Donor Center on Thursday, February 21st or Tuesday, February 26th from 8 AM – 5:30 PM and donate blood.  You can head over at any time during the day to donate and then receive your free cupcake.  The process takes about a half hour but can save a life in an emergency. On February 21st, cupcakes will be provided by Curly Cakes, J.P. Licks, and South End Buttery.  On the 26th they will be supplied by Kickass Cupcakes and Sweet Cupcakes.  Get a sugar rush on your lunch break while helping others, does it get any better?

Spin For Boston Children’s Hospital– Start a team and head to Boston Sports Club in Medford or Wellesley on Sunday, February 24th for Spin for Boston Children’s Hospital.  You and your team will peddle your hearts out during this 4 hour, relay style spin fundraiser!  Working out already makes you feel good, so why not help others feel good at the same time?  Register today and help the hospital reach their fundraising goal of $175,000!

Get involved, give back, and enjoy!  These charity events all have a fun, unique twist that allows you to not only have a blast, but also help others while doing so.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Photo By: bobroche

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