How to Prepare Your Home for Trick or Treaters!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for trick-or-treaters! Besides transforming the front of your house into a creepy, scary graveyard, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep your home safe for those who dare to trick or treat!

1. Keep it well lit

While we understand the appeal of a dark, dim lit front door and entrance way, there are a few reasons to keep it well lit.  First, it’s night time and the chance of people tripping over something or falling on the stairs goes way up if they can’t see where they’re going. Second, often people assume that no one is home if the lights are off . Make it clear that you’re joining in the fun by having your exterior lights on!

2. Clear the Path

Trick or treaters will be too excited to pay close attention to where they’re walking come halloween. To avoid any accidental trips or falls, clear all tripping hazards such as hoses, sprinklers, etc from your front lawn. Even better, light up the path to your front door to encourage people to stick to that pathway.

3. No candles!

While Jack-o-lanterns and those paper bag cut outs lit up by candles are popular and festive decorations, they aren’t always the safest choice the night of Halloween.  Paper easily lights on fire, and with children running around, an accidental run in with a lit up jack-o-lantern could easily result in disaster.  Use battery powered candles instead. It will still create the same spooky effect, but in a much safer way.

4. Pets

While we believe your beloved snuffles is the ultimate man’s best friend, having a dog barking at the front door can scare trick or treaters at every age away.  While your fluffy friend may not bite, he could bump into a small child knocking them down or scare a child to run into the street.  The best protocol is to keep pets safe and secure away from the front door.

5. Reconsider some treats

Due to allergies and certain intolerances, some kids end up excluded from the fun of Halloween. It might be nice to consider having a separate small bowl of non-food treats for those might have an allergy to some of the candy.

While Halloween should be frightening, it shouldn’t be dangerous! Have an amazing Halloween this year and keep these tips  in mind for a spooky but safe Halloween!


How to Prep yourHouse forHalloween

October Events In Massachusetts


Looking for plans this month?  We’ve got you covered!  There are plenty of fun events going on across Massachusetts this October, so if you need to blow off some steam after the work week, these events are the perfect way to do that!  Grab the family, your friends, and head to out enjoy all the Bay State has to offer!

Topsfield Fair – This event has already started, but not to worry, there’s still plenty of time to make your way to Topsfield and enjoy the fair!  It will run until October 13th and is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!  This is the oldest agricultural fair in America, it has run since 1818 and since it’s beginnings it has grown into a New England tradition.  There will be live music from artists such as Kellie Pickler, Danielle Bradbery, as well as local artists.  Visitors can also enjoy monster truck shows, arts and crafts, rides, pumpkin weigh-offs, horse pulling, and so much more.  Oh, and did we forget to mention the delicious fair food that will be there?  Ticket prices vary depending on what day you attend but children under 8 with an adult are always free!

Wellfleet OysterFest – This event is perfect for all ages, and the fall is a great time to visit Cape Cod!  Spectators can take in the exciting shucking contest, live music from local bands, arts and crafts, a road race, interesting lectures, delicious food, and much more!  Learn about the history of the town’s shellfishing industry, try some tasty seafood, and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Cape!  The festival will be October 18th and 19th, from 10AM – 5 PM, tickets are available to purchase at the event with cash only, and cost $5 for a one day ticket, or $8 for a two day ticket.

5th Annual New England BBQFest – If you’re a fan of BBQ, (and lets face it, who isn’t?) then you won’t want to miss this event at Wachusett Mountain!  Some of the best BBQ vendors from the area will be on hand so there will be plenty of food to try.  In addition to the classic BBQ food items on hand, there will also be oysters on the half shell, claim chowder, chili, shrimp, an oyster shucking competition, a pig roast, and a beer tent!  Guests will also enjoy the Punkin Chunkin and Lumber Jack shows, as well as live music, craft fair, and Farmers’ Market!  Tickets are $12 for adults and $7 for children ages 6-12, they can also be purchased in advance for a discounted price.

Pumpkins Aglow – Get in the Halloween spirit with this family-friendly event at Edaville, USA!  Stroll through the garden of endless jack-o-lanterns, dress in your favorite Halloween costume, take part in the Costume Parade, and even trick-or-treat at the rides in the park!  This event will take place October 10-12, 17-19, and 24-26.  Tickets are $20 for ages 2-59, $17 for ages 60+, and children under 2 are free.

Which one of these events would you enjoy most?  We want to go to them all!  Make sure you make the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been having and head outside for one of these fun events!

Photo By: Wolfrage

Safety Tips For Trick Or Treaters!

trick or treating

Halloween is a fun time of year, but it can also be dangerous for trick or treaters if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken.  When you go out with your little monsters, keep these tips in mind, and stay safe this Halloween!

  • Make sure any children under age 13 are accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.
  • Respect trick or treating hours established by your town.  If your children are trick or treating on their own establish a curfew.
  • Go over the route you and your trick or treaters plan on taking, make sure they know exactly where they’re going and how to get home.
  • Establish a meeting spot should you and your trick or treaters get separated.
  • Be visible.  It’s getting dark out very early and it will be difficult for drivers to see children in costumes, add reflective tape to their costume and treat buckets to make them easier to see.
  • Carrying a flashlight is also a good idea to improve visibility, but be sure to never shine it in the eyes of oncoming drivers, it may temporarily blind them.
  • Avoid wearing masks that obstruct vision.  It’s already going to be dark out and you don’t want children struggling to see oncoming cars, other trick or treaters, or obstructions in their path.
  • Make sure children’s costumes are not too long on them to prevent tripping.
  • Make sure any swords, knives, or other costume accessories are shot, soft, and flexible.
  • Do not allow children to walk near any candles or other potential fire hazards, make sure their costumes are flame-resistant.
  • Only approach houses that are well lit, tell children not to approach houses that are in darkness or to enter a strangers home or garage.
  • Stay on any sidewalks or paths, if there are none then walk on the side of the street facing traffic.
  • Make sure children understand to use crosswalks, look both ways before crossing the street, and never cross between parked vehicles as it’s difficult for drivers to see you.
  • If children are going out without an adult, make sure you know where they’re going and that they’ll be in a group.
  • Don’t let children eat any candy until they’re home and you’ve checked it to be sure it’s safe.

Keep these tips in mind this Halloween and you and your family will have a safe, and happy holiday!

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Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers

Halloween Driving

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are?  It’ll be here before we know it and the streets will be filled with witches, goblins, and ghouls!  Drivers have a responsibility to remain extra alert so that these little monsters stay safe.  These tips are great reminders for all drivers to keep in mind this Halloween.

Make Sure Your Lights Work – On Halloween night, visibility is key.  There will be tons of children on the streets in dark costumes which will be hard enough to see even with working headlights.  Before you leave your driveway, test all lights and turn signals to ensure that they are working properly.

Remain Alert – This goes without saying any time you’re on the road, but it important to be extra vigilant on Halloween night when the streets are filled with young children who may not understand all of the rules of the road.

Drive Slowly – On Halloween night children will be running from house to house in dark costumes and masks that limit their visibility.  This makes it harder for drivers to see them and for them to see oncoming cars,  so be sure to drive slower than usual should any trick-or-treaters unexpectedly run out in front of you.  Be especially careful around parked vehicles, not only could children be standing near them waiting to cross, but they may also be letting children out of them.  You should also drive under the posted speed limit, as there will be more pedestrians out than usual and some may be harder to see than others.

Avoid Distractions – With parents, trick-or-treaters, flashlights, and decorations, there are already enough distractions on the road, avoid any additional ones by putting down your phone, turning off the radio, and limiting the amount of passengers in your vehicle.

Yield to Pedestrians – This is a give in, whether they’re at a cross walk or not, pedestrians always have the right of way and on Halloween night there might be some (especially the young ones) that are more excited than usual and may not utilize caution when crossing the street for their next candy stop.  If you see children attempting to cross the street,  don’t assume that they see your vehicle, make sure you come to a complete stop and give them plenty of time to cross the street.

Utilize Turn Signals – It’s important to communicate with other drivers so that they know what you’re doing.  If you’re going to pull over to make a quick candy stop, make sure you put on your turn signal and use the hazard lights when children are exiting the vehicle.

Avoid Wearing A Costume – If you’re driving and are going to a costume party or are getting dressed up for some reason, wait until you arrive at your destination before you put on any masks or wigs.  These can limit visibility should they slip out of place which can cause a serious hazard to yourself and others.

Use A Designated Driver – If you’re going to a party where alcohol will be served, always remember to use a designated driver, drunk driving is never an option and endangers yourself and anyone else on the road near you.

We want everyone to have a safe, and fun Halloween, it only takes a moment for the night to turn into a nightmare, so keep these tips in mind and share them with the other drivers in your life.

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Haunted Houses In Massachusetts!


Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner?  It’ll be here before we know it and if you’re looking to scare up some fun, what better way to do so than by visiting a haunted house?  Haunted houses are a staple of the Halloween season, and there’s still plenty of time to visit these before the season of scares and screams is over!

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion – Located in Abington, this spooktacular attraction may leave you having nightmares for the next month.  The mansion changes every year, so if you’ve visited before, you’ll be in for a totally different experience!  They’ve also added a new attraction this year called “the Cell” which is a fog filled maze that you won’t go through alone.  There is also a special attraction for 2 nights only, called “Darkness Unleashed” which is not recommended for the faint of heart.  The mansion is open rain or shine, and tickets are $23 (there is a $3 coupon available on their website).  This attraction is not recommended for children ages 7 and under, although it is up to parents to decide for each child.  Get ready for a night full of fright if you dare visit this haunted mansion!

Ghoulie Manor – Originally named Goulet Manor, it was renamed by the locals.  Standing since the 19th century, the house has been passed down from generation to generation and the Goulet family is not exactly known for their hospitality.  Accused of horrific crimes, and suspected of practicing black magic, the family does not appreciate visitors.  Some visitors have even been known to disappear, and only the bravest of the brave dare enter this house of horrors.  This mansion is located in Taunton and tickets are $15.  This attraction may be too scary for children under 13, but as every child is different parents are asked to use their judgment.

Hanover House of Horrors – Located right inside the Hanover Mall, your haunted experience begins with a walk down a 60 foot hallway, and from their terrifying twists and turns will lead you into your worst nightmare.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under and can be purchased on site with cash only.  This haunted attraction is not recommended for children 13 and under, although parents will be responsible for deciding whether or not their children can handle the haunted house.

Lakeville Haunted House – Be warned, if you do manage to make it out of this haunted house, you’ll never be the same.  You may feel as though you’re being watched as you wander through this haunted house, and that’s because you are.  You never know whose eyes may be on you, and every twist and turn leads to dark spirits and evil creatures that will leave you shaking in fear.  Tickets are $15 and you can get a $3 off coupon for Fridays in October from their website.  Be prepared to be scared if you dare venture to this haunted house in Lakeville!

Do you dare visit any of these haunted houses in Massachusetts?  They will only be open for a limited time, so if you think you’re brave enough don’t miss your chance to stop in for a scare!

Photo By: Beth Rankin

Corn Mazes In Massachusetts

corn maze

When it comes to fun fall activities, it doesn’t get much better than a corn maze.  They’re perfect for all ages, not too scary for the little ones but still cool enough for the older members of the family.  Here in Massachusetts we’re lucky enough to have a few different ones to choose from, and what better way to spend a crisp fall day than by being outside on a farm enjoying all that the season has to offer?  Doesn’t sound like it can get much better than that if you ask us, unless of course cider donuts are involved!

Connors Farm – Located just north of Boston in Danvers, Connors Farm consistently gets rave reviews from everyone that visits.  The maze has a different theme each year and this year’s theme is “Welcome to the Jungle” and the maze will feature designs including the faces of a giant lion, monkey, and much more! There are also pig and duck races, bounce houses, pedal carts, plenty of food options, and much more! The maze is open every day until October 31st and admission is $12.95 for ages 3-64, $9.95 for seniors, and free for children ages 2 and under.

Marini Farm Corn Maze – This farm is located in Ipswich and their corn maze is 8 acres of fun filled twists and turns.  This year’s theme is “The Age of the Dinosaurs”, and there are questions throughout the maze that you must answer correctly to guide you in the right direction while also teaching you some fun facts about dinosaurs.  This educational and interactive maze typically takes 2 hours to complete, so make sure to bring some water and snacks! Admission is only $10.95 for ages 3 and older and on certain nights you can walk the maze with a flashlight for a spooktacular experience, admission for “Flashlight Nights” is $12.95.

Mike’s Maze – Mike’s Maze is located at Warner Farm in Sunderland and this years theme is “Mystery Maze”.  Open on Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7 PM – 10 PM, this maze is not for the faint of heart.  Navigate your way through the maze in the dark of night and be sure to look out for any ghosts and ghouls along the way.  Flashlights are provided and snacks are available on Friday, and there is a full cafe open on Saturday.  Don’t miss your chance to have some frightful fun just in time for Halloween!

Sauchuk Farm Corn Maze – If there’s a history buff in your family, this is the maze for you.  Located in Plympton, this year’s theme is commemorating 50 years since the JFK assassination.  The maze typically takes about an hour to complete although times vary.  Play “Farm Scene Investigation” along the way and then if you have little ones be sure to check out the kiddie maze! Admission is $10.95 and includes access to the maze as well as hayrides, tetherball, duck races, and much more!  Children under 2 are free and seniors over age 65 get $2 off their admission price.

Which one of these corn mazes will you be heading to this fall? Whether you’re looking for a few scares to get you in the mood for Halloween, or just a fun day with the family, there’s something that everyone will enjoy this fall!

Photo By: Andy Franklin

Massachusetts Events This October!


Can you believe it’s already fall?  It feels like summer flew by but before you know it we’ll be preparing for Halloween!  There are tons of fun events going on this month, and we’ve found some of the best ones taking place across the Bay State!  Grab your friends and family and head to these fun events this October!

Harpoon Octoberfest – This fall tradition is taking place on Friday, October 4th from 5:30 PM – 11 PM (doors close at 9 PM) and Saturday, October 5th from 2 PM – 9 PM (doors close at 7:30 PM) at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston.  This event is 21+ and tickets are not available in advance, you must pay the $20 cover at the door which includes admission, a drink ticket, and a souvenir Pint cup, also keep in mind that this event is cash only.  There won’t be parking at the brewery but there will be a shuttle bus at South Station running to and from the event.  Come enjoy German food, live music, German chocolate cake eating contests, keg bowling, and of course tons of fresh Harpoon beer options including IPA, Octoberfest, and UFO Pumpkin.  Unwind with friends after the workweek and celebrate the start of fall at Octoberfest!

Riverside Blues and BBQ Festival – Hosted by the Franklin County Rotary Club and the Greenfield Recreation Department, this family friendly event is taking place at Beacon Field in Greenfield from Friday, October 11th – Sunday, October 13th.  There will be professional BBQ competitors from across New England competing in grilling contests, and two days of Blues music, beer sampling, crafters, vendors, and activities for the kids.  On Friday night there will be a free outdoor movie night at 7 PM with free admission and popcorn to kick off the festival.  On Saturday and Sunday, events will be from 12 noon – 6 PM, admission to the festival is $5, and children ages 10 and under are free with a paying adult.  Admission to the BBQ Samplin’ Pit is $5 and guests can sample and vote for their favorite teams.  On Saturday guests can sample chicken wings and on Sunday there will be pulled pork.  Admission to the BrewFest Beer Samplin’ Saloon is $20 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM, and includes as many beer samples as you can drink.

Newburyport’s Great Pumpkin Lighting and Stroll – This family friendly event is taking place on Saturday, October 19th from 6 PM – 9 PM at Market Square in Newburyport.  Families are encouraged to bring a carved pumpkin that will be lit and placed on the stage in Market Square.  Every family will be provided with a votive candle that will be lit all together at dusk, approximately 6:15 PM, and placed in the pumpkins which will be put on stage.  Families are then invited to stroll through beautiful downtown Newburyport, along the water, and to admire the pumpkins designed by local businesses.  At the end of the night, families are asked to take their pumpkins home for safe keeping.  This is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit with the whole family!

30th Annual Applefest – Head to Wachusett Mountain in Princeton on October 19th – 20th for Applefest!  This event is perfect for the whole family, and fun for all ages.  There will be live music, a mountainside barbecue, pie eating contests, Skyrides to the scenic Summit, craft & farmer’s market booths, and clowns, jugglers, magicians, pony & hay rides, and a climbing wall for the kids.  There will also be an Oktoberfest Celebration featuring authentic German cuisine, a variety of beers in the Beer Garden, and live entertainment.   This event is from 10 AM – 5 PM both days and tickets are $12 for adults at the door and $7 for children ages 6 – 12.  Discounts are available if you purchase in advance online and there are also packages available that include admission, food vouchers, play activities and more!

If you weren’t in the fall spirit before, you will be after these events!

Photo By: mattfour

Witches, Ghosts, and Ghouls Are Waiting For You In Salem!

The witch trials of 1692 made Salem, Massachusetts one of the most famous and historical cities in the country and legend has it that several ghosts from this era still haunt the town today.  With Halloween right around the corner, there’s no better spot to visit than one of America’s most haunted cities!  Stop by Salem if you dare, after taking one of their ghost tours and hearing tales of the supernatural you might not want to go back.   In addition to the spooky tours and museums, there are plenty of other attractions to see, shops to visit and streets to stroll so stop by before the witching hour is over!

Witch Dungeon Museum – Enter the Witch Dungeon Museum and you may believe that you’ve stepped back in time and arrive in 1692 during the Witch Trials.  Their live reenactment of the 1692 witch trials is highly acclaimed and afterwards take a tour of the dungeon where the “witches” were held.  The reenactments are based off of actual transcripts from the 1692 trials and performed by professional actresses.  This is a wonderful museum to visit if you have time because not only is it historically accurate and entertaining, but touring the dungeon ups the scare factor for sure!  This destination has everything you would want to see in Salem combined into one so stop by for an exciting performance and a tour that you won’t forget any time soon!  Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors (65+) and $6 for children (ages 4-13).

Hocus Pocus Tours – If there’s one thing to do while in Salem, it’s to take a ghost tour.  Ghosts of the wrongfully accused and murdered still roam the streets to haunt the living who may catch a glimps of them on one of these tours.  In addition to hearing tales of the ghosts from the witch trials, hear the tale of Salem’s most notorious murder, learn about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s  interesting connection to the witch trials, and find out why Salem was the setting for the 1993 blockbuster movie Hocus Pocus.  Tickets are available online but tour size is limited so be sure to book your tickets early, especially in October!

The Salem Witch Walk – Take a tour led by true witches of Salem.  This tour is ideal if ghosts aren’t your thing because it focuses on the magic and witchcraft in Salem.  During the tour you will be blessed in a magic circle, visit a graveyard, learn about voodoo, love potions, herbal charms, and curses!  Definitely sounds exciting and is a different take on the typical ghost tours that are offered in the city.  Each guest will receive a crystal blessed by a Salem witch as well!  Take a stroll with the women who would have been hanged for witchcraft 300 years ago as they teach you the mysteries of their craft.  The tour is about an hour and a half long, leaves daily at 3PM and 7 PM, and tickets are $13 per person.

Salem’s Wax Museum – Check out Salem’s Wax Museum of Witches and Seafarers, featuring wax figures made in London that depict some of Salem’s most famous historical figures.  Inside you’ll come face to face with Tituba, one of the first witches accused during the hysteria, as well as Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of “The Scarlet Letter” and the “House of Seven Gables”.  Other figures include Colonel John Hawthorne, the judge of the Witch Trials, pirates of New England, and much more.  They also have the largest museum gift shop in the area with plenty of souvenirs to remember your trip.  Take a walk behind the museum to the Old Burial Point, the second oldest burial ground in the country which holds the bodies of some of Salem’s most famous residents including some of those featured in wax museum!  Nearby is the Witch Trial Memorial, dedicated to the victims of the hysteria who were wrongfully killed in 1692.

These are only a few of the spooky attractions to visit in Salem.  Take a walk over to Pickering Wharf and stroll in and out of the shops, cafes, and restaurants or visit one of the local psychics for a reading.  Whatever you decide to do while in the Witch City, it will definitely get you in the spirit for Halloween!

Photo By: Emma



Do You Dare Visit These Haunted Halloween Attractions?

Can you believe Halloween is less than two weeks away?  The season of tricks and treats is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by visiting one of these haunted hot spots!  Haunted houses are always a popular choice, but how many of you have been to a haunted ship or corn field?  Take a ride to one of these attractions before the witching hour is up, don’t forget to bring some friends, you won’t want to go to these haunted venues alone!

Connors Farm Haunted Corn Field – What sounds more fun than running for your life through a haunted corn maze?  Ok maybe it’s not that intense, but Connor’s Farm haunted corn field in Danvers does sound pretty  scary.  The story goes that in the 1940’s a farmer with a dark side began harvesting a new crop, “dead people”.  Personally, I would not want to visit this spot alone because not only is there a haunted corn field, there are 4 other haunted attractions as well that are included in the price of a ticket.  Take a walk through the “Asylum Burial Grounds”, avoid the “Dead Clowns”, and try not to get caught up in the “Satanic Panic”, if you do you may have a “Tribal Nightmare”.    Tickets are $22.95 which gives you access to all 5 attractions, or you can purchase VIP tickets for $35 which give you front of the line access.  You can either buy them online or on location, the attractions open at dark (approximately 6:30 PM) and close at 11 PM, the last ticket is sold at 10 PM, which is also when entry to the farm ends.  Stop by soon, the haunted corn field is only open this Friday and Saturday (October 19th and 20th) and next Friday and Saturday (October 26th and 27th)!

Factory of Terror – Take a ride down to Fall River and visit the Factory of Terror, and indoor haunted adventure featuring three different attractions, the Bloodworth Dungeon, 4D Blackout, and Phobia Mayhem which combined form the largest haunted house attraction in New England!  The Bloodworth Dungeon is a 30 room area of the factory which has been idle since 1856 when the graveyard shift discovered the bodies of all 113 factory employees, all of which had been mysteriously murdered.  If you make it through the dungeon just try to make it through the 4D Blackout tunnel without screaming, there you will face the wrath of angry corpses looking for an escape.  Finally, if you make it through the 4D Blackout, enter Phobia Mayhem, where the fears and phobias of all 113 murdered factory workers will come to life.  On October 13, 1856 this factory was deemed to be “horrific and haunted” by the city and in 1996 a group of renowned paranormal experts were admitted to the factory and confirmed a “high intensity of paranormal activity”.  This factory is truly haunted and features secret passage ways and tunnels, one of which leads to Lizzie Borden’s bedroom!  Tickets can be purchased online or on site and are $20 for adults.  Children 10 years and under cost $15 on site or $13.99 if you purchase their ticket online in advance.  Parking is free and you and your friends will even get a free photo to remember the night! The factory opens at 6:30 PM, for more information on dates of operation and closing times, click here.

Spooky Acres Haunted Hayride – Presented by the Millbury Youth Camp, this haunted hayride is sure to send chills up your spine.  Think you can handle the haunted ride with your driver, Psycho, through 13 acres of zombie and ghoul filled fields?  If you’re brave enough to try head to Millbury either this Friday and Saturday, or next Friday, October 26th, or Saturday, October 27th.  Tickets are $10 per person or $8 for seniors and students will their school ID, children under 4 are admitted for free.  There will also be food available in the Witche’s Kitchen, as well as music and of course plenty of frightening fun for the whole family.  The rides begin at 7PM and last until 10 PM, stop by with friends and the whole family, everyone is sure to enjoy!

USS Salem – Take a tour of a haunted former US Navy gunship this Halloween.  Walk the decks of one of the regions largest haunted attractions before it’s too late!  Featured on the hit show Ghost Hunters, the USS Salem is located in Quincy and is truly a haunted ship.  Finding your way through the ghosts and ghouls on board is a scary feat for anyone.  For those that are extra interested in the paranormal, there is also a guided ghost tour on the ship, which costs $15 per ticket or $25 if you combine it with the general admission for the haunted ship.  It is recommended for ages 16 and up and will allow guests to use specialized “ghost hunting” equipment to track down resident ghosts haunting the hallways.  You will get to see the same areas featured on Ghost Hunters and will be able to decide for yourself whether you believe the haunted legends.  Tickets are $15 for adults, and $10 for seniors and children ages 11 and under.  A ticket for the guided ghost tour alone is $15 but a combined ticket is $25 and includes the haunted ghost ship attraction as well as guided ghost tour.  You can buy tickets and find more information on days of operation here.  You can also purchase tickets on site, they go on sale at 6:30 PM and the  gates open between 6:30 PM-7:00 PM and sales stop at 9:30 PM.

Do you dare venture to any of these haunted hot spots?  All of them sound like a frighteningly fun time and are the perfect ways to spread the Halloween spirit!  Whatever you do, don’t venture off alone, that is the golden rule of horror movies so make sure to bring your friends and most of all, enjoy!

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