Furry Friend Friday With Brodie!

Furry Friend Friday is back and this week I sat down with Brodie and got some insight into his life, and let me tell you, he is a very busy boxer!

So Brodie, what would you say is your favorite way to spend the day?

I LOVE playing with my little brother, Tyler! He is so much fun and we spend hours wrestling and playing, it keeps me young! Other than that I like running laps to burn off any extra energy I have.

What is your favorite treat?

Human food! It’s so good I wish I could have it for every meal! Luckily Tyler usually slips me a bite of whatever he’s eating so I make out pretty well.

Do you have a favorite toy? 

I’d have to say my rawhide bone is my favorite toy, I guess it’s also a treat but it’s so much fun to gnaw on and run around with.  I also love my stuffed monkey toy, as you can see from my picture I like to spend time with him when Tyler’s busy.

What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

I don’t really have a favorite spot, I love going anywhere and everywhere! I’ll take any chance I can to get out of the house, but I especially love when we take rides to Maine because I get to run free in the wide open spaces up there.

I’d imagine that as a boxer you would be pretty tough but is there anything you’re afraid of?

Well my mom thinks I’m a big baby because I was afraid of her old cat, which I guess is true.  I think I’m a pretty good watch dog though, I bark a lot whenever the door bell rings so that everyone knows someone is there.  I may jump all over them and smother them in kisses once they’re inside but what can I say? Even though I’m a boxer I’m really a lover not a fighter.

Do you have any health concerns for the future?

Well, I had cancer when I was 3 years old (human years that is) and that was very scary.  My mom and dad made sure it was removed and took great care of me so I have been fine since, but I’m nervous that it could come back one day.  Luckily my parents have pet insurance so most of the bills from my doctors appointments and surgery were covered!

Even as a young dog, Brodie had unexpected medical issues that would have been extremely costly were it not for his pet insurance.  We strongly urge all of you pet parents to call us up for a quote! You never know when your pet’s health could be in jeopardy and dealing with that is stressful enough without having to worry about the cost of potentially life saving procedures! Call or click MassDrive for a quote today!

Massachusetts Makes Top 10 for Least Expesive Auto Insurance

A recent survey published by has revealed the United States most and least expensive states for auto insurance. The study was based on the average auto insurance premium for more than 2,400 vehicles in 10 zip codes per state with six of the United State’s largest auto insurance providers.

With an average auto insurance premium of $2,510.87, Lousiana takes the lead for the most expensive state to insure a vehicle. reasons Louisiana holds this title as a result of the state’s court system and the rough condition its roads are in. Not far behind is Michigan as the second most expensive state to insure an auto at an average premium of $2,098.29. Michigan’s high insurance rates can be attributed to a state medical law and a terribly high unemployment rate. With unemployment at a whopping 15% many are driving uninsured, which increases the burden on insurance companies and in turn a driver’s premium.

Maine however has nothing to complain about as it comes in as the least expensive state to insure a vehicle with an average premium of $902.85. Maine’s low rates can be attributed to a couple factors including less people on the road and less traffic congestion as well as a low number of accident claims. Additionally at least 30 insurance providers offer coverage in Maine, increasing competition and pushing premiums down.

When the Massachusetts auto insurance market was deregulated additional insurance providers entered the scene encouraging greater competition and gradually lower auto insurance premiums. Massachusetts holds out as at the 7th least expensive state to insure an automobile. The best way to find the lowest insurance premium is through comparing quotes through different carriers. MassDrive compares auto insurance premiums and coverages for you, saving you time and money. Give a friendly MassDrive agent a call for a free quote comparison today!


Top Ten Most Expensive:

1. Louisiana $2,510.87
2. Michigan $2,098.29
3. Oklahoma $1,869.39
4. Montana $1,857.96
5. California $1,774.41
6. South Dakota $1,772.83
7. Washington, D.C. $1,753.19
8. Georgia $1,751.42
9. Illinois $1,679.15
10. Connecticut $1,678.90

Top Ten Least Expensive:

1. Maine $902.85
2. Vermont $968.58
3. Ohio $999.86
4. Wisconsin $1,010.93
5. New Hampshire $1,011.23
6. Iowa $1,039.04
7. Massachusetts $1,043.80
8. North Carolina $1,130.45
9. Arizona $1,152.50
10. Tennessee $1,170.12

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