What Massachusetts Gov't Has to Say About Texting & Driving

Massachusetts DOT has an extensive  list of driving distractions they’ve been aware of for quite some time. From drinking and driving to music on the radio, Massachusetts government is moving texting to the top of that list.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approximately, “80 percent of all accidents are caused by driver inattention.” (DOT to you: Don’t Text and Drive). With technology advancing at lightning speed we have everything from the radio and video displays to our cell phones to distract us.

A recent study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study that found  drivers who texted while driving were 23 times more likely to crash or get into a near-accident than undistracted driver. (Senators Push Nation Wide Ban On Texting While Driving)

Massachusetts Department of Transportation is serious about cutting down distractions. Currently 17 states ban texting and driving, is Massachusetts next? Keep a close eye out September 30th and October 1st when the U.S. Department of transportation convenes in Washington D.C. to discuss it.

What Does Everyone Have to Say About "Managed Competition"?

For years, the state of Massachusetts controlled auto insurance carriers to produce higher revenues.  However, the system has changed directions, and state officials put a “managed competition” program into place in order to lower car insurance premiums and rates. This program has been in existence for about two years now, and has received both praise and criticism from the public.

Many advocates predict that the introduction of this new system will cause many new carriers to enter  the industry. Opponents believe that the “managed competition” system would create discrimination of select drivers.  They also believe that the cheaper premiums would effect the state insurance agents negatively by reducing their commission.  These mixed reviews have not fully happened because the  system is still quite young. 

There are currently a few companies that provide auto insurance for Massachusetts drivers, and are offering competitive and cheap premiums and rates for their consumers.  As the years go by with this new system, more opinions will form, and hopefully the auto insurance industry will be both beneficial for both consumers and state agents.

Bill to encourage hybrid drivers

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would provide incentive to drive hybrid vehicles.

Among these incentives is a waiver of 5% sales tax, $2,000 income tax deduction, toll transponders, and a use of the HOV lane.   Combined, these incentives reduce the price of the hybrid to be comparable to traditional gas models.

Senator Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, chief sponsor of the bill said “we want to stimulate demand.”

Joe Gerbino, a sales manager at Commonwealth Motors in Lawrence says “The demand is more than what is available. We can’t even keep hybrids in stock.”

With hybrids already selling out of stock and gas prices rising, the new bill proposal would require more hybrids to be available to the public.  Especially since the bill requires that the states car fleet is 50% hybrid or alternative fuel cars by 2010.

Although this does pose a problem, Ann Dufresne, a spokeswoman for Senator President Robert Travaglini said the legislation is “sound environmental policy that provides short-term relief and long-term conservation.”

Gas Prices on the rise!

Last month gas prices jumped up 45 cents! This has people hoping for the best after last years high prices during the summer season.

Last week in Massachusetts, gas prices rose 10 cents for regular unleaded gas. Unfortunately, this was the sixth week in a row that gas prices has risen. If you are one of many drivers who owns a larger vehicle, your wallet could start to take a hit.

You are not helpless in this situation though. Here are some tips to help you manage your gas mileage.

There is no way to tell what’s in store for the future but make sure you stay up to date here at!

Newcomers versus legacy carriers in Massachusetts auto insurance marketplace

Competition has certainly changed the playing field in the world of Massachusetts Auto Insurance.  Although insurance agents continue to provide value to consumers, the increased competition is not desirable for Massachusetts insurance agents because it will change the playing field dramatically for Massachusetts Auto Insurance.  One situation with a group of Massachusetts Auto Insurance agents and Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner Nonnie S. Burnes, alleges preferential treatment for newcomers to the Massachusetts Auto Insurance marketplace.

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