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Furry Friend Friday With Flash!

flash 3

Faster than the speed of light, the star of today’s Furry Friend Friday interview has a name that certainly suits him!  Meet Flash, and okay maybe he’s not faster than the speed of light, but he certainly has some wheels on him!  This playful pup is up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter and is about 1 year-old.

So Flash, you have a very unique look to you, what kind of dog are you exactly?

Why thank you, I’m a Podengo Portugueso, and this was actually the first year that we were recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club!

So what do you like to do all day?

Well I’m still a pup, and us Podengo Portugueso’s are known for our high energy levels, so the combination of those two factors means I’m very active!  I have a lot of energy to burn so I really like to go for long walks and run around, I can’t be off leash though because I have a very strong prey drive and will chase anything I see, like rabbits and squirrels.  I also love to play in fenced-in yards so that I can play fetch!  I love people too, although I’m not much of a snuggler I have to admit.

Do you have a favorite toy?

It’s hard to choose, but since I love to chase things I’d have to say either a frisbee or a ball that I could run after over and over again.

Is there anything that scares you?

Nope!  I’m happy to report that I’m a very brave guy, and I can’t really think of anything that would scare me or make me nervous.  Maybe it’s because my breed is known for our ability to chase things down, we have to bravely run into unknown situations so I can’t be afraid of loud noises or things that might scare your typical dog.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, I’d need to be with a family that is just as active as me, and that can bring me for lots of walks and spend time playing with me.  I would also need to go with a family that would be patient with me, as I am still a puppy and need help with my training right now.  I think I would really benefit from some puppy training classes, lots of love, and positive reinforcement!  Other than that, because I’m so active and have a tendency to jump, I could only go to a home with older kids ages 10 and up, it’s not that I don’t like little kids, I just wouldn’t want to accidentally knock them down and hurt or scare them.  When it comes to other pets, no cats because I would chase them all the time!  I get along with most dogs though as long as I can meet them and get to know them first.

So Flash, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well lucky for me, I haven’t had an instance where I’ve gotten sick or had any type of accident that’s brought me to the vet, but not all pets are as lucky.  Every day pets swallow keys, eat a chocolate bar, or come down with some sickness that needs the vet’s attention, and those guys aren’t cheap!  From what I know of the vet’s office, it’s a scary place for pets and people!  Scary for us because come on, who actually likes the doctor’s office?  And it’s scary for people because it can be pretty expensive, plus we know you’re also nervous for your furry friends.  It seems like pet insurance is a good way to make sure the vet’s office doesn’t have to be as scary, at least not for you.

Flash is a very smart boy!  He knows that no one likes the vet, neither pets or people.  Pet insurance is an easy way to make sure your furry friend, and your wallet are protected.  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step in protecting your furry friend!



Furry Friend Friday With Eagle!


No, he can’t fly, but today’s Furry Friend Friday interviewee certainly is majestic!  Meet Eagle, a 5 year-old greyhound up for adoption at Greyhound Friends, Inc in Hopkinton.  This handsome guy has been in the shelter for about 3 weeks now, and is ready to find his new best friend!

So Eagle, I hear that you came a long way to find your forever family, is that true?

Yes, you’re right!  I’m originally from West Virginia, I used to be a racing dog but that life just wasn’t for me.  I was lucky enough to hitch a ride up north and ended up in Hopkinton with the wonderful people at Greyhound Friends, now I just have to sit and wait for the perfect family!

What’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, I like to start my day with a nice breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!  I get a nice helping of kibble, mixed with can food, rice, and a little bit of warm water, I like to call it the breakfast of champions!  After that I like to go for a walk, take a nap, run around a bit, play with my toys, maybe take another nap, and then hang out with my favorite people of course!

Do you have a favorite toy that you like to play with?

I love stuffed squeaky toys, they’re so much fun I love to chew on them and can even toss them up in the air!  It’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Is there anything that scares you?

Well I like to think of myself as a tough guy, but I will admit that loud noises tend to make me nervous, like thunder, sirens, and things like that.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, I do have a medium activity level, so I’d say I’d like to go with a family that can bring me for walks and maybe even has a fenced in yard that I can run around in.  I’m also very social, I love other dogs so if you already have one I’m sure we would become best friends, I can’t say the same about cats though.  I’m great with kids, very friendly, and would be fine if you had to leave me to go to work.  I could really fit in anywhere!

Eagle, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well, as pets, our humans  are the only family we have, so we like to think that you consider us to be part of the family as well.  Shouldn’t we be protected like the rest of the family?  Not to mention, it sounds like pet insurance can keep you from having to pay a huge vet bill if your pet were to get sick or have an accident, so why not invest in pet insurance?  You’ll be protecting your pet and your wallet!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  Eagle is a very smart boy, and he knows how important pet insurance can be when it comes to protecting your pet and your wallet.  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step of protecting your furry friend against the unexpected!



Furry Friend Friday With Daisy!


We’re back with another cutie to make your Friday afternoon that much better!  Meet Daisy, she’s certainly as cute as a daisy if you ask us!  This little girl is a 2 year-old hound mix up for adoption at the Sterling Animal Shelter and has been there for about a month now, so she’s been waiting a while for the perfect family!

So Daisy, what do you like to do for fun?

I’m just your typical pup, I like the simple things like long walks where I can take in the smells and sounds of the great outdoors, playing ball, and hanging out with my favorite people.  I’m very affectionate and love getting extra attention and belly rubs!

Do you have a favorite toy you like to play with?

I’d have to say my ball, I love chasing it and it’s so bouncy!  Like I said, I’m pretty simple and can be happy doing just about anything.

Is there anything that you’re afraid of?

Nope!  There isn’t much that can make this girl nervous, my previous owners thought that I was a little nervous around men, but I haven’t been afraid of any of the men I’ve met here at the shelter.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, if I could choose, I would love to go to a home with people that would take me on a lot of walks!  I would say I have a medium activity level, so I’m not very hyper but I still like to be out and about whenever possible.  Other than that, I would say I would do best in an adult-only home, it’s not that I don’t like kids, just because of my size I wouldn’t want to accidentally knock them over or anything.  The other thing is that I would be best as an only pet, I don’t really get along with cats, come on, can you blame me?  When it comes to other dogs I don’t mind them but I would still prefer to be the only pet so I can have all of the attention!

So Daisy, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well I know I’m young, and I’ve been lucky enough to be healthy and accident-free so far, but other pets aren’t as lucky.  Some pets can eat the wrong thing, or come down with an ear infection, there are tons of different things that can land your furry friend in the vet’s office, and land you with a huge bill.  Pet insurance sounds like a good way to prevent a giant, unexpected vet bill that will drain your savings account.

For such a young girl, Daisy sure is smart, and adorable of course!  We know she’ll find her forever family soon, but she makes a great point about pet insurance.  No one wants a huge vet bill because their pet accidentally ate a chocolate bar or came down with an illness, so call one of our agents today for a free quote and find out exactly how affordable pet insurance can be!




Furry Friend Friday With Pangea!


Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month?  To celebrate we’re featuring this pretty kitty named Pangea, she’s 10 years-old and is currently up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society and is a celebrity in her own right down at the shelter!

So Pangea, I hear that you’re a very popular girl at the shelter, and that you’re even the face of an upcoming event, is that correct?

Yes!  I’m actually very excited for this event! It’s called the Greater Lowell Community Foundations River Ride on Saturday, September 27th.  It’s a giant bike ride and our team is called the Phat Cat Riders, we’re aiming to raise awareness for pet obesity.  I’m the face of the campaign because I’ve had my share of weight issues, I came into the shelter weighing 26 pounds and now I’m down to 22 pounds!  I still have a ways to go, but this event is motivating me to get healthy and be looking my best!  The good news about this event is that our team is being sponsored by Anytime Fitness! so if you sign up to ride with us and commit to raise $100 for  the shelter, your registration fee will be waived and you’ll get a t-shirt with my face on it!

So besides working on your fitness, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Well, I love to be around people, so I get to spend a lot of time in the office at the shelter.  I love being petted, and I’m very vocal when I want some attention, so you’ll hear me meow a lot.  I love to sit by people’s feet too, but now that I’m losing some weight I’m a little more active and enjoy playing with toys.  I also love cardboard boxes, there’s just something about them that I can’t get enough of!

Do you have a favorite toy?

Now that I’ve lost a little weight, I’m more playful, and some of my favorite toys so far are those little balls with bells inside them!  I like to chase them around, even though I can’t go that fast yet, but I’ll get there!  I’ve also discovered a fascination with laser pointers, so if you have one of those I’m sure we’ll get along.

Is there anything that scares you?

I get very nervous during thunder storms!  They’re so loud so I always run under the bed to hide when one of them is on its way.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

I could really fit in anywhere, I love all types of people, and I even get along with most dogs!  I love birds too, they’re so fun to watch so if you have some of those that would be great!  My only request is to go to a home that can help me continue on my weight loss mission.  I need someone who can spend time playing with me and getting me to move around so I can get in shape for bathing suit season!

Pangea, why do you think pet insurance is a good investment for all pet parents to consider?

Well, pets can easily get sick, in fact I may have had a rough path ahead of me if I hadn’t started losing weight.  Pet insurance seems like a good way to make sure your pets can get the care they need should any unexpected illnesses or accidents occur.

Pangea is right!  Pets wind up in the vet’s office all the time, and unfortunately you can’t always plan it around your pay schedule.  Pet insurance is an affordable way to make sure you can get your pet the vet care they need.  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote!



Furry Friend Friday With Chico!

chico 3

Happy Furry Friend Friday!  Who’s ready for their weekly does of cuteness?  We know we are!  Meet Chico, a feisty 3 year-old chihuahua up for adoption at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem.  Chico’s been in the shelter for a few months now and is patiently waiting for the perfect family for him!

So Chico, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

I’m a man of many interests, but I’d have to say my favorite thing to do is just be around my favorite people, and there aren’t many of those.  I’m very selective with who I give my affection to, but if you’re one of the lucky ones you’ll never find a more loyal friend.  If I could, I’d stay with my favorite people all the time, I love sitting on their laps and going for rides with them in the car, and the best part is that I’m travel size!

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

I like to play ball sometimes but other than that, I’m not very interested in toys.  I’d much rather get a nice head scratch while I lounge on the couch!

Is there anything that scares you?

Well I’d say I get nervous when I’m around new people, if they come at me too fast and I don’t know them it makes me jump and I don’t like it.  I also get overwhelmed in crowds, like if my people were having a party at their house I’d rather be upstairs in the bedroom and have some space to myself.  I also don’t like being in a crate or anything, I get very anxious and would rather be free to roam around the house.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

I would prefer to be in a home that’s pretty quiet, and with someone who can be home a lot so we can keep each other company.  If I found someone who was retired that would be perfect! We could have breakfast together and then watch some TV, I’m a fan of “The Price Is Right”, and then run some errands together!  Other than that my only requirement is to be in a home with no kids, sometimes they can make me nervous because I like my boundaries and personal space before I get to know someone, and kids aren’t always good at that.

Chico, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well, dogs of all ages can get sick or have an accident unexpectedly.  For example, I’m a young guy but when I first arrived at the shelter I had a skin condition on my ears, and luckily the staff here were able to get it cleaned up but if I had owners that had to pay for it, it would have been pretty costly.  Pet insurance seems like a good thing because you only have to pay a small amount each month, to make sure your pet can get the health care they need if they get sick or hurt.

Chico’s a very smart pup, and is right when he says vet treatments can be costly.  Pet insurance is an affordable investment that will help you get your furry friend the care they need without draining your savings.  Call one of our agents today for a free quote!

Furry Friend Friday With Isabelle!

isabelle 2

It’s that time of the week again!  Today we got to chat with Isabelle, isn’t she just adorable?  This pretty gal is a 7 year-old Akita mix up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society.  We were almost as excited as she was for this Furry Friend Friday interview, and she’s more than ready to find her forever family!

So Isabelle, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I’m a pretty relaxed girl, I love being around my people most of all.  I really like to snuggle and get nice and comfy.  I’m not sure if you know but I came here as a stray, and that wasn’t exactly an easy way to live, so now I’m ready to just sit back and enjoy the good life.

Do you like to play?

I have my moments, I’ve slowed down a bit as I’ve gotten older but I still enjoy being playful sometimes.  I also enjoy Kong toys, you know the ones that you can fill with yummy stuff like peanut butter?  Those are great and keep me entertained for a while.

Is there anything that scares you?

Nope, being out on the streets made me pretty tough, plus Akita’s aren’t known for being timid.  There isn’t much that scares me, I think I’d make a great watch dog and best friend all in one!

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well I love people and I get along with all of them, but because of my size it’s recommended that I go to a home with older children.  I also love other dogs, especially big ones like me!  So if you already have a furry friend I’m sure we’d get along, as long as it’s not a cat or other small animal, I’m not too fond of them.  As I said I can be playful at times and enjoy going on walks, but I’m really looking for a place where I can mainly relax and snuggle all day, a retirement home if you will.  I really hope to find a family soon, and I love the people here but am ready to find a permanent home!

Isabelle, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

I saw a lot of things in my time, I’ve had a home, lived as a stray, and now I’m here at the shelter, and in that time I’ve met a lot of other pets.  Some of these pets have injured themselves in accidents, or gotten sick unexpectedly, much like you humans.  Just like your doctor’s bills, our vet bills can really add up, but unfortunately we can’t pay for them, that’s where you come in.  Pet insurance seems like a great way to make sure you don’t get stuck with a huge bill that will break the bank.

Isabelle has brains to back up her cute looks!  We wish we could adopt her ourselves, but we know once she finds the right family she’ll be happier than ever.  We’re sure that you’ll be happier than ever too if you make sure your furry friend is protected.  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and find out how affordable it is to protect your furry friend!



Furry Friend Friday With Jonah!


We know you missed us last week, but today we’re back and sitting down to chat with Jonah!  This cute little boy is a 2 year-old hound mix up for adoption at Greyhound Friends, Inc in Hopkinton and is waiting to find his new best friend!

So Jonah, I heard that you’ve come a long way to find the perfect family, is that true?

You’re right!  I’m originally from Kentucky, I was found as a stray and brought to a local shelter, but they thought I would have a better chance of being adopted up in Massachusetts, so here I am!

What’s your favorite way to spend the day up in the Bay State?

Well I’ve only been here for a month, but I love it already!  One of my favorite things to do is to play outside with all of my friends here.  I’m great with other dogs and we have a whole acre here that’s fenced in so we can run and play all day long!

Do you have a favorite toy that you like to play with?

Hmm, that’s a tough one but I really love rawhide bones, so I guess that’s like a toy and a treat all in one!  Does it get any better than that?

Is there anything that makes you nervous?

I would say that loud traffic noises make me nervous, being from a rural area like Kentucky, I’m not really used to hearing loud noises like that all the time.  Plus us dogs have extra sensitive hearing, so car horns and sirens sound much louder to us than to you humans.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, I’d need to go to a family that could handle my activity level, I’m not hyper or anything, but I am still young and would say I have a medium activity level.  I’d love for my new family to bring me for walks and on different adventures!  I get along great with other dogs if you already have one, and I’m great with kids!  I love all kids but would probably do best in a home with children ages 10 and up, just because of my size and activity level.  I’m a great companion and very clean, and I have a really unique widow’s peak which I think makes me extra cute.

So Jonah, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well, I’ve met a lot of furry friends during my travels across this country, and a lot of them needed vet care that came as a surprise to them and their families.  It was bad enough for them getting sick or hurt, but then their families had to pay huge bills!  It seems like pet insurance is a good way to make sure pet parent don’t get stuck with huge bills like that if their pets need to go to the vet.

Jonah may be young, but he’s seen a lot, and he’s right!  Vet bills can be extremely expensive, and if they’re unexpected that can really put a damper on your bank account.  Pet insurance is an easy way to ensure your pet gets the care they need without breaking the bank.  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step in protecting your furry friend!






The Importance Of Pet Insurance: Why All Pet Parents Should Invest

pet insurance

Here at MassDrive, we love our pets, and we’re guessing you love your pets too, that’s why we think it is so important for all pet owners to invest in pet insurance for their furry friends!  Our pets are like members of our own family why not protect them like it?  Humans have health insurance, and your furry friend should get them same care if they were to become sick!

Many animal shelters that have pets up for adoption often offer complimentary pet insurance for the first month after adoption, and then after that it’s up to the owner to purchase another policy.  Policies are not as expensive as you would think, and it is definitely more affordable for most people to pay a small amount of money over a long period of time rather than having to pay a vet bill all at once.  Vet bills can add up quickly, even a simple check-up can be costly if you don’t have insurance.  If you’re going to the vet for anything more complex than a check-up it will likely be even more expensive, even costing thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the animal’s injury or sickness.  For some, spending thousands of dollars on their pet at once is not possible, and as pet owners ourselves we know that we would never want to deny potentially life-saving care to our furry friends just because of the cost.

The cost of your monthly payment depends on a few factors, what type of pet you have, their age, and breed.  The older your dog is, the more expensive your monthly payment will be.  Purchasing pet insurance for your pet as soon as you adopt it is the best advice we can give.  It will be less expensive and you may be eligible for potential discounts the longer you remain with the same carrier.  Another reason why it’s better to get pet insurance sooner rather than later is because pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.  If you get pet insurance for your cat or dog as soon as it’s adopted, anything that it comes down with after you purchase a policy would be covered.

Bringing your pet to the vet is inevitable, so why not be prepared?  Older pets typically have more health problems than younger pets and younger pets are more likely to find some type of trouble to get themselves into.  Whether they escape the yard and come back with a bunch of ticks, or eat something that makes them sick, eventually they will get into something that they shouldn’t.

The bottom line we’re trying to make is that anything can happen when you least expect it, that’s why they call it an accident.  Don’t break the bank paying for the vet, give us a call for a pet insurance quote today!  Our pet insurance policies are through the ASPCA and reimburse up to 90% of usual and customary covered charges, depending on state availability and you can use ANY licensed vet in the United States and Canada!  Have more than one pet?  You can save up to 10% on your policy if you have multiple pets!  These policies only cover cats and dogs, however if you have a bird or reptile, there are other carriers that can write policies for them, ask your vet to recommend one today!

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Wondering How You Should Spend Your Tax Return? Put It Towards Your Insurance!

tax return

Who doesn’t love getting a nice check back from the government after tax season? Although it may be tempting to head to the mall for a shopping spree or buy that TV you’ve had your eye on, putting your tax return towards insurance is a smart choice that may save you a lot of money in the future!  Believe it or not, the more you spend up front, the more you can save!

If you have a few extra bucks after tax season, call up your insurance agent and ask what your options are.  They may suggest increasing your coverage, which may in turn lower your monthly payments!  Although you would have to pay more out of pocket if you were to have an accident, you could put your tax return in a savings account just in case you ever needed to pay out your deductible.  If you don’t end up getting into an accident or using your deductible, you have that much more money in the bank, not to mention all of the money you would likely save on your monthly bill.  This sounds like an all around win if you ask us and applies to both auto and homeowner’s insurance!

Depending on how big your tax return is, you could even pay off your homeowner’s or auto policy in full!  How great would it be to not have to worry about a monthly payment for the entire year?  Not only would you be worry free, you would also get a discount for paying the policy in full!  This discount varies from carrier to carrier but typically you can save up to 5% off your premium.

Another thing you can put your money towards?  If you have a pet, why not invest in their health and get pet insurance!  Your furry friend deserves to be protected should they be a little under the weather, after all, humans have health insurance so why shouldn’t animals?  No matter how much we love our pets and look out for them, anything can happen.  They could get loose and get hit by a car, or even develop a suspicious tumor that needs to be checked out, whether they’re young or old, your pets should be covered.  If you haven’t been to the vet’s lately, it’s extremely expensive for each visit, even a simple problem such as an ear infection can run you up a few hundred dollars, for about the same price (depending on your pet’s age, breed, etc), you can cover all of your pet’s health needs for the entire year!

When it comes to insurance, the more you spend up front, the more you can save in the long run!  If you find yourself coming across a big chunk of change after tax season, give us a call at MassDrive!  If you already have a policy, talk to us about increasing your coverages, and if you don’t currently have a policy, give us a call and get a quote!  We also offer pet insurance so all members of your family will be protected!

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Furry Friend Friday With Tela!


Happy Friday everyone, hope that you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day celebrations!  Today I got to chat with a love bug named Tela, she is an eight year old Wheaten Terrier with a lot of energy!

Tela, I have to say you have a very pretty and unique name!

Thank you!  I was actually named after a Phish song, they are my dad’s favorite band!

So Tela, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

My favorite thing to do is sit in my chair in the living room, my parents always laugh at me because I sit just like a human!  I like to call it my perch,  it is right next to the window so I have a great view of our yard and can just sit there while I watch the world go by.  If there is a lot going on outside, like my neighborhood friends going out for walks or some squirrels running by I get VERY excited!  Once I get excited I run outside so I can do some laps and  burn off all my extra energy!

Do you have a favorite treat?

Every day when my babysitter, Maureen, arrives the first thing she does is give me a treat!  I am a very lucky girl because I usually get a mini hotdog treat, they look like the real thing but are just for dogs.

What about a favorite toy?

I have a habit of destroying most of my toys, I don’t even mean to do it though!  I guess I just play a little too rough some times but the one thing that I am very careful with is my lovey, it is a froggie blanket that I sleep with every night.  I don’t even try to play with it though because I don’t want to risk hurting it!

Is there anything that you’re afraid of?

I can’t stand when there is a low battery in the smoke detectors!  The constant beeping makes me nervous and the sound is so high pitched that it hurts my ears so those are probably my biggest fear.  I never know how long it is going to take for my parents to turn it off and what if it happens when I’m home alone?  The sound drives me crazy!

With so much energy you must love to go for walks, do you have a favorite route?

You’re right I do love to go for walks.  I’ll follow my dad around all day if I think he might bring me out, there are so many things to see and smell right outside of my own back yard!  Lately we have been going for walks up the Parkway to the water town in West Roxbury which is nice.  There is a great view of Boston and it’s a nice spot for me to go and enjoy some “me time”.  Other than that I enjoy our family hikes on Martha’s Vineyard, there’s nothing better than tiring myself out on a walk before watching the sun set on the beach!

Do you have any health concerns for the future?

Well my parents recently found a lump on me that made us very nervous.  They took me to the vet but it turned out to be some fatty tissue, I don’t even know how that happened though because I am a very active and sleek young lady if you ask me.  My parents were relieved that it was something so minor, luckily we have pet insurance so either way my medical bills would have been covered.

Fatty tumors are very common on all breeds of dogs but can resemble cancerous tumors.  This is a scary situation for any pet owner and you won’t have peace of mind until you know whether or not it is cancerous.  Tests and biopsies can really add up which is why pet insurance is so essential when it comes to properly caring for your furry friend!  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a pet insurance quote, you won’t regret being prepared to take the best possible care of your pet if the time comes!

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