furry friend friday

Happy Furry Friend Friday!


Today’s Furry Friend Friday interview is extra special, we have double the trouble (just kidding), double the excitement, double the fur, and double the cuteness this week!  Meet these two 3 year-old brothers, Smoke, and Whisk.  These cats are up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter and have been looking for their forever home for a while now!  They can get separated but would prefer to be in a home together if possible!

So Whisk, how do you and your brother like to spend the day?

Well we are both very similar, not only in our looks but in our personalities as well.  Both of us like to be held and picked up, although if we get distracted by something we definitely have to go investigate so might jump right off your lap!  We are both very happy though and enjoy being around people and other cats, not too sure about dogs just yet.

What about you Smoke? Do you have a favorite toy to play with during the day?

I love squeaky toys, we both do actually.  There’s also a big scratching post that’s also a tower we can climb up on and stare out the window.  If I’m not playing with my squeaky toys, that’s usually where you’ll find me.

So Whisk do you enjoy the great outdoors?

No, we are both strictly indoor cats.  In fact, all of the cats that get adopted out from the Scituate Animal Shelter are required to be indoor cats.  It can be very dangerous outside for cats when you think of all the risks including cars, coyotes, foxes, diseases, you name it!  We enjoy being indoors anyways and don’t think we’re missing out on anything.

Smoke is there anything that makes you nervous?

Nothing in particular, we are both pretty brave and very friendly, we aren’t skittish at all around people!

Why do you both think pet insurance is important for all pet parents to consider?

Well, we are both only 3 years old but both have a mild dental condition that may need attention in the future.  At the moment it doesn’t bother us, in fact we probably wouldn’t have even known about it if it weren’t for the vet!  If you have pet insurance before something like that is discovered, treatment would be covered! That would be a huge help! – Smoke

Well, I would have to agree with my brother, and maybe if our old owners had pet insurance they could have afforded to fix the problem before it got worse. – Whisk

These two brothers are pretty smart 3 year olds!  Not only do they know the value of a dollar, they are thinking big picture when it comes to their own health.  Just as people age and need more frequent health care, the same goes for our pets so it’s best to be prepared.  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a free pet insurance quote for your furry friend today!



Furry Friend Friday With Lucy!


Here were are again, another Friday, and another Furry Friend interview!  Today I got to sit down and chat with Lucy, a five and a half year-old Wire Fox Terrier up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society.  Wire Fox Terriers are known for their spunk and energetic personalities, and Lucy is no exception!

So Lucy, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love being around people, getting petted and laying in the closest lap is one of my favorite things to do.  I also love going outside and playing with my toys, we get to go out three times a day here and I love rolling around in the grass, the yard is even fenced in so I can run around without a leash!

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

Not really, I love all of them but I don’t like to share.  I don’t get along with many other dogs so would like to go to a home where I am the only pet!  Here at the shelter I have a lot of toys to choose from though and there are enough to go around for everyone.

What about a favorite treat?

Believe it or not I am not very motivated by food and am rather picky sometimes.  I don’t really have a favorite treat, maybe one day I will but I haven’t discovered it yet.

Do you know any fun tricks?

Well in addition to the basic commands like sit, stay, and down I know how to give my paw and shake hands!  I’m a clever girl and could probably learn a few more tricks with some training.

Is there anything that scares you or makes you nervous?

Thunder!  It is so loud and makes me very nervous!  We have had a few thunder storms lately and it would be nice if I found my forever home by the time the next one comes!  I would feel so much better if I had someone to cuddle with during these storms!

Lucy why do you think pet insurance is good for all pet parents to consider?

Well, having pet insurance means you are prepared for the unexpected with your pet!  It’s always nice to know we are protected just like the other members of your family!

Like the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!  Accidents can happen when you least expect it and paying for vet bills upfront can be very expensive.  Pet insurance protects your furry friend and your wallet whether it’s at a yearly check up or for something more serious.  Give us a call at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote and make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected when it comes to your pet!



Furry Friend Friday With Berni!


Happy Friday everyone, we hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July!  Yesterday was all about sun, food, fireworks, and fun but today is all about our furry friend!  Meet Berni, this cute girl is only one a half years old and is up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem!  Rescued from Georgia, she is a sweet girl who has never known a home of her own but is definitely ready to find her family!

So Berni, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love observing everything going on around me.  I’m very curious and love getting out and about to explore.  I’ve been here at the shelter for about 3 months now and get special privileges because I’m such a good girl!   I get to sit in the different offices in the building and even go on field trips!  I am a very active and social girl.  Whether I am going for a walk, run, or playing with other dogs I am having a blast!  Of course I love to snuggle too once I get tuckered out.

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Like I said I get to go on field trips sometimes and have been to the Lynn woods a few times.  As a hound mix I love getting to use my sniffer and explore the woods, I am originally from Georgia so I guess that makes me a country girl!  Every time I go out I always make sure to wear my “adopt me” vest so that everyone knows I’m still looking for my family!

What about a favorite treat?

I will do anything for a treat!  I love almost all food and had some pepperoni this morning, don’t mind my breath.  Treats have really helped me with my training too, I know how to sit, stay, give paw, and pick up on things very quickly!  If I know I’ll get a treat for being good, I’ll do anything you ask!

Is there anything that scares you?

Not really, I’m a pretty confident girl and have been through a lot so I think of myself as being pretty tough.  I wasn’t even afraid of all the fireworks last night!

So Berni, why do you think pet insurance is so important for pet parents?

Well like I said, I love treats and will do anything for a good snack, even go through the trash.  I haven’t eaten anything bad yet but you never know what can happen or what I may accidentally get into, I am still a puppy after all!  That’s just me specifically, I’m sure all pets have their unique quirks that might get them into trouble, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Berni is right, all pets have their unique quirks and personality traits that make them lovable but can also get them into trouble.  Make sure your furry friend is protected and call us for a pet insurance quote today!



Furry Friend Friday With Penny!


Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  Meet Penny, this three year-old hound is up for adoption through Greyhound Friends, Inc under their “Hound Friends” section.   This cutie hasn’t had the easiest life so far, she was picked up as a stray in Kentucky and brought to a shelter there before she was transported up to Massachusetts.  She has been with Greyhound Friends for a few months now and is ready for her fur-ever home!  Greyhound Friends is also home to Bolt, who I interviewed a few weeks ago.  Bolt would be the perfect dog for an older couple or family with young children, read more about him here.

So Penny, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, as a hound I have a very strong nose and love to use it!  Getting outside and out and about is one of my favorite things to do, and I love playing with other dogs as well!  I’m a very active girl and have a lot of energy so I need to find a way to burn it off or I’ll go stir-crazy!

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well here at the shelter they have an entire fenced in acre where we can all run around! That’s all I’ve known for the most part since I’ve arrived here in Massachusetts and I’m hoping that once I find my family they will take me on a lot of adventures so I can learn my way around and find all the most happening spots.

What about a favorite treat or toy?

I LOVE pieces of chicken!  That’s by far my favorite snack ever and usually I just get a few small pieces but I would eat a whole rotisserie chicken if I had the chance!  In terms of toys, I enjoy playing with frisbees a lot!  I’m very quick and some say I would even make a great agility dog!

Do you have any fears?

Not really, when I was out on my own on the mean streets of Kentucky I got pretty tough.  I had to learn to fend for myself and came across a few scary situations but got through them and now nothing can scare me!

What would be the perfect home for you?

Well since I am so young and active I would enjoy being with a young couple who likes to go on hikes or runs.  I would also love a family with older children that can play with me and goof off, or even a home with another dog to play with.  I’m a very good girl and know all of my commands, am house trained, and quite good looking if you ask me!

Penny why do you think pet insurance is so important for all pet parents?

Well anything can happen in life, which I have seen first hand so it’s better to be prepared for the unexpected!  As pets we can’t help ourselves if we become sick so we rely on our owners to take care of us, and sometimes our vet bills can be very expensive so pet insurance can make sure we are protected while saving you tons of dough!

Penny is right, pets rely on their owners to get them the help they cannot get for themselves.  When you adopt a pet, their health becomes your responsibility, protect them like you would any other family member and call us for a pet insurance quote today!







Furry Friend Friday With Big Mac!

Big Mac

Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone, meet Big Mac!  He’s a 4 year-old lab/shepherd/retriever mix and weighs in at 87 pounds so his name definitely suits him!   Isn’t he cute enough to take a bite out of?  Well you can’t do that, but if you’re interested in adopting or even fostering him until he finds his forever home, contact the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Springfield!

So Big Mac, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, as long as I’m with people I’m happy!  I loved to be petted and get to spend a lot of time with one of our volunteers named Sarah.  She’s so nice and takes me out of the kennel and lets me sit in her office sometimes.  I’m very uncomfortable in these surroundings after being in a home for so long!  For a while I even stopped eating because I was so upset, luckily I’ve gotten my appetite back and am doing better but I would love to find my forever home and be able to go for walks and cuddle all day!  Even car rides are fun for me, I’m a very good rider and love sticking my head out the window and getting some fresh air!

Do you have a favorite toy or treat?

When it comes to treats I’m not that interested, I’m sure that’s surprising considering my name but I’m just not food motivated right now.  Like I said, my appetite has been a little funny so maybe once I’m in my forever home I would enjoy a few snacks.  When it comes to toys, I love chasing tennis balls!  I could play fetch all day if you can throw!

What about fears, is there anything that scares you?

I am very scared of cats!  You would think I would be tough because I’m so big, but I’m really just a gentle giant and those cats can be mean sometimes!  Not to mention their claws, which are extremely sharp and scary!

What would be your perfect forever home?

Well as long as there are no cats I would be happy anywhere!  I love all people, I would probably be better in a home with older kids though just because of my size, I wouldn’t want to get too excited and knock over a little toddler, I would feel so bad!  I also love other dogs so if you already have one I would be a great addition!  Other than that being somewhere where my people love me, walk me, and pet me is all I need to be happy!

Big Mac, why do you think pet insurance is so important for all pet parents?

Well if you ask me, pets are members of the family too, so why not protect us like every other member?  What if I accidentally ate a Big Mac one day and got sick?  The vet bills could get expensive and if you have pet insurance it can save you a lot!

Big Mac is right, pets are like members of the family but they are also unpredictable and can get their noses into trouble every so often.  Pet insurance is a great safety net for all of the pet parents out there!  More likely than not, you will have to bring your pet to the vet for an unexpected issue that can rack up some major unexpected expenses, call us for a pet insurance quote today and make sure your furry friend is protected!




Furry Friend Friday With Lena!


We’re back with another Furry Friend Friday interview!  Today I got to chat with Lena, a 5 year-old lab/shepherd mix up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter!  Lena was surrendered by her previous owner and has been waiting for her forever home for a few months now.  This sweet girl is very active and would be the perfect companion for a young couple!

So Lena, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

I LOVE to be outside more than anything!  I live for adventures and walks, getting out of the shelter and being able to smell the fresh air is the best feeling, I can’t wait until I find my forever home and can go outside and explore all the time!  I also like to go for rides in the car, as long as we aren’t on our way to the vet!  I love long rides and don’t even get car sick!

It sounds like you have a lot of energy, do you have a favorite place you like to go for walks so you can burn it all off?

Well the shelter here is in Scituate so we are very close to the beach!  The staff bring me down there once in a while and I can’t get enough,  I love the way the ocean smells and the feeling of sand between my toes, it’s a lot nicer to run on than pavement!  We also have some trails in the woods here behind the shelter and that is fun too, the woods have so many things to smell and I love getting to hear the birds chirping!

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

The only toys we have here in the shelter are tennis balls and frisbees and those are a lot of fun! We don’t get other toys because the staff doesn’t want us to get too possessive or protective of our toys around other dogs.  I think I would enjoy a nice rope to play tug of war with or a squeaky toy though, maybe when I get my own home I will have a bunch of toys that are all for me!

What about any fears?

Well, I’m not saying I’m afraid of other dogs, I just don’t like them.  We don’t really get along very well, at least not here in the shelter.  The other dogs here are always barking and it drives me crazy!  Can’t a girl get some peace and quiet?  Maybe once I settle into my own home I could deal with another pet, but it would have to be the right one and I’m still a little weary of the idea.  I like all of the attention on me!

Lena, why do you think pet insurance is important for all pet owners?

Well life can be pretty unpredictable, after living with a family of my own, I never expected to wind up in a shelter!  Who knows what else could happen when you least expect it, better to be safe than sorry!

How many of you pet owners out there have ever had an unexpected vet bill throw a wrench into your monthly budget?  It always seems to happen at the worst possible time too, but with pet insurance you don’t have to worry about getting your pet the care they need because they will be covered!  Call us at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote today!



Furry Friend Friday With Cybil!


Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone, we hope you’re staying nice and dry today!  My friend Cybil from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem is here to chat about her day to day life in the shelter.  Cybil is about 10 years old so she’s an older gal, but she still has as much spunk as a puppy!

So Cybil, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

I love cuddling and being around people, those are my absolute favorite things to do!  I would follow around the shelter staff all day if it were possible, that’s why I’m hoping I find my forever home really soon!  I would be the perfect snuggling companion and love to just sit near the closest person who will pet me.  Doesn’t get much better than a good belly rub if you ask me!  I also like to go for nice long, leisurely walks so that I stay in shape, it’s not easy looking this good!

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Not really, I am originally from Virginia so am not too familiar with my surroundings here in Massachusetts just yet, we have a play yard near the shelter though and that’s fun.

What about a favorite toy?

I’m not that into toys to be honest.  I would much rather spend my time out and about on a walk or sitting next to my favorite person.  I guess I just outgrew them and am more interested in people.

You look pretty tough to me but is there anything that scares you?

Well I’m not really a fan of other dogs if they are pushy, not that I’m scared, just a little nervous around them if they start trying to jump all over me and I can get a little bossy.  I don’t mind other dogs that are older or more relaxed like myself.  Other than that thunder does frighten me a bit, during the last thunder storm I started to shake a little because I was nervous, and the staff put one of those Thunder Shirts on me and I was much better!

Cybil, why do you think it’s important for all pet parents to have pet insurance?

Well personally I am healthy as a horse, but I know that some dogs start to develop health issues as they age, much like people.  Even if your pet isn’t older, young puppies and kittens can find things to eat and get them into trouble and you never know when that might mean a trip to the vet.

Cybil makes a great point, it may seem like pet insurance is not necessary or only for older dogs, but the reality is that regardless of your pets age, anything can happen and they might accidentally wind up in the vet’s office because they ate something they shouldn’t have or got out of the yard and got hurt.  The possibilities are endless and having pet insurance will leave you resting easy knowing that your furry friend will receive top of the line care and you won’t have to break the bank, so call us today for a pet insurance quote and make sure your best bud is protected!

If interested in adopting Cybil, contact the Northeast Animal Shelter.  One of our past furry friends from the same shelter is still up for adoption as well, his name is Kyle and be sure to check out his interview here!

Furry Friend Friday With Leroy!


Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  It’s a scorcher out there, we hope you’re staying as cool as our friend Leroy!  This little cutie is a 3-year-old papillon mix up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society, and he’s ready to meet his forever family!  Found as a stray, this guy is ready to finally settle down in his new home!

So Leroy, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

I LOVE going for walks!  Being out and about is my favorite thing to do by far!  I also love playing fetch, I have a lot of energy and that tuckers me right out.

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well the shelter here is right near the Merrimack River, so I love walking along the water.  There is always so much going on there, especially now that it’s getting warmer!  I love watching all of the people out on boats, maybe when I finally get adopted my new family will bring me out on the water and I can see what it’s like to go boating!

Is there anything that you’re afraid of?

Not really, I went through a few evaluations when I came here and nothing scared me or made me nervous!  In fact, I did great on all of my evaluations!  I’m approved to go to homes with another small dog, or even a cat maybe!  Not positive about cats but I would be willing to give them a chance.  I would even be good with school-aged children, basically I love everyone and would be perfect for nearly any home!

Do you have a favorite treat?

I go crazy for hot dogs!  They are my absolute favorite snack, but I don’t get them very often since I’m not supposed to have people food.

What about a favorite toy?

You know those plush squeaky toys?  Those drive me crazy!  It’s kind of a love-hate relationship, I love chewing on them and the noise they make, but hate when they rip apart and that stuffing gets stuck in my mouth!

Leroy, why do you think it’s a good idea for all pets to have pet insurance?

Well personally I love to socialize, and where do dogs go to do that?  The dog park.  The only problem with that is that dog parks carry all kinds of diseases!  Imagine hanging out with your friends in a public bathroom?   As clean as I am, it’s still easy to catch something from a dog park.

Leroy is a smart boy, and what he has to say about dog parks is very true!  It’s easy for your pet to catch a disease from another dog, dog’s get sick just like people do!  Dog parks’s are not the only risk either, your dog can get sick or have an accident when you least expect it, that’s why it’s so important to be prepared and protect your furry friend no matter what!  Protect your pet like you would any other member of your family, call us for a pet insurance quote today!

Thanks again to the Lowell Humane Society for letting us feature Leroy this week, and a very special thank you to Crystal, the director of the shelter and one of our customers here at MassDrive!  The Lowell Humane Society still has Peachie up for adoption as well, she was featured in a previous Furry Friend Friday interview which you can read here!




Furry Friend Friday With Bolt!


We’re back with another Furry Friend Friday interview! Today I got to chat with Bolt, a 7 year old beagle up for adoption through Greyhound Friends, Inc under their “Hound Friends” section.  Bolt is a quiet older gentleman that came to Massachusetts all the way from Kentucky!  He’s looking for a quiet forever home where he can enjoy his golden years.

So Bolt, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I’m pretty quiet so I like to lounge around and watch the world go by from a comfy spot inside.  I do like to go out for walks though, but in general I am pretty laid back.  I can be a little shy around new people, but once I get to know someone I love to spend time with them and cuddle, I’m a big love bug!

 That sounds fun, do you have a favorite place to go for a walk when you do go out?

Well the kennels are near a few acres of land so I love going out near the tree line, the woods are my favorite!  As a beagle, I have a very strong sense of smell and can track for miles.  The woods have so many different sights and smells, I love it and I love going with Ruthie, she’s another hound here at the kennel and is my best friend, but I get along with everyone here.

Do you have a favorite treat that you like to snack on?

The original Milkbones are my favorite by far,  can’t go wrong with the classic!

Is there anything you’re afraid of?

Well loud noises make me very nervous.  Traffic is a good example, I can’t stand the sound of those car horns!

Bolt, why would you recommend pet insurance to all pet owners?

Well life has a lot of unexpected twists and turns.  After being in a home for years, I never thought my owner would move to Hawaii and leave me behind, but it’s just another one of life’s unexpected occurrences.  I like to believe everything happens for a reason and now I’m here in Massachusetts waiting to start my new life!  Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of leaving the south, so who knows what else could happen down the line.  All pet parents should be prepared for anything, especially health-related!

Bolt is right!  Life does have a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and accidents or illnesses aren’t usually something you plan on.  Protect your furry friend and call us at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote today! If you are interested in adopting Bolt, contact Greyhound Friends, Inc.  They are also hosting their annual Open House this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 PM where you will get a chance to meet Bolt as well as many other great dogs up for adoption, and even a few Patriots players!

The Biggest Furry Friend Friday Yet!

giant george

Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  Today is our biggest interview yet, you may recognize this pooch as he is quite the celebrity.  Giant George is his name and he is the World’s Biggest Dog, which was officially verified on February 15, 2010 by Guinness World Records!  His face has been everywhere, from being on The Oprah Winfrey Show to Live! With Regis and Kelly, to writing his own book, George is an extremely busy dog so I was very lucky to steal a few moments of his time.

So George I imagine you are very busy, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I love to spend the day sleeping in, eating a nice brunch, and chatting with my peeps on Facebook.  I recently released my book, Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog, so the promotion of it takes up a fair amount of my time as well.  I love spending time with my little humanoid brother and sister and am very protective of them, you can see more about my family here.

I noticed that you are a big fan of bacon, do you have any other favorite treats?

I love all types of meat!  Bacon is a favorite and so is roasted chicken, if I can smell it cooking, I’ll hang around all afternoon hoping a nice juicy piece falls to the floor so I can swipe it up.

Do you have any favorite toys?

I love the golf cart my dad drives me around in, it’s so much fun feeling the wind in my fur as we ride off into the sunset!

Wow a golf cart?!  No offense but being as big as you are I would think you would be nervous to ride on a golf cart, is there anything that does scare you?

No offense taken and I really can’t get enough!  Chihuahuas on the other hand, those I can do without!  Even though they’re small they can be tough and are little ankle biters!  I’m not a fan of water either, pools, puddles, and buckets of water make me very nervous, I try to avoid them at all costs. I’m sure you can imagine my bath time is not fun for anyone involved.

When you’re not riding in your golf cart, do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well we have a local dog park that I like to go to, I have a few friends that I meet up with every so often.  Other than that I like to walk around my hood and keep an eye on everything.

George you seem like a smart dog to me, what are your feelings on pet insurance?

It’s great!  Pet’s are like family, protect us like you would any other member! Oh, and you’ll save a ton of dough, that helps too!

George is a very smart pup, and I had a great time interviewing him!  He makes some great points about pet insurance too, our pets are members of our family, and should be protected!  Accidents can happen to pets just as easily as they can with humans, and you wouldn’t want your furry friend to go without proper medical care simply because of the cost.  Call us at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote today, for only a few dollars a month you can rest easy knowing that your pet is protected.


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