furry friend friday

Furry Friend Friday With Aurora!


Happy Friday everyone, it’s a beautiful day out there, and Aurora was nice enough to take a moment out of her play time for our interview!  This little pup is up for adoption at the Sterling Animal Shelter, she’s been there for a little over a week and most of her peers have already found homes, so she is ready for her forever family!

Aurora, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me, I noticed you were outside running around with some friends, is that your favorite thing to do?

Yes!  I love getting outside and running around in the grass, especially on a beautiful day like this, not too hot, not too cold, it’s perfect!  I have a lot of energy and playing fetch and running around outside are my favorite pastimes, after that cuddling is my favorite thing to do, but I can’t sit still until I burn off all my energy first!

Do you have a favorite toy here at the shelter?

We are really lucky here, we get to share all of the toys so there is always something new to play with!  Like I said fetch is one of my favorite things to do so I love my ball, it would be nice to have toys of my very own in a real home though.

Is there anything that scares you?

Not really, I’m just a puppy so I’m very happy.  I’m not a nervous puppy either, I’d rather spend my time playing than worrying!

That’s good to know, since you are so fearless you must love adventures, do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well since I’m at the shelter we don’t go too far, my volunteer friends bring me outside a lot though and I absolutely love it, anytime I can get out is exciting for me. They bring me out a lot because we are working on my leash training, I’m not perfect yet but am practicing!  I was originally from Tennessee and there were a lot of places to roam around down there, I hope that my new family brings me on a lot of adventures because I love to explore!

Aurora, why do you think pet insurance is important for all pet owners?

Well if you ask me, I don’t have enough money to pay my own bills, and vet visits can really add up, especially when they are unexpected!  Pet insurance takes the worry out of bringing your pet to the vet (at least for you), and small monthly payments can be a lot more affordable than one big chunk of money upfront!

Aurora’s right, vet bills can really add up! These bills can be extremely costly, and no one wants to pay a huge amount of money all at once, affordable monthly payments are all it takes to insure your pet’s health, so call us up for a pet insurance quote today! If you’re interested in adopting Aurora, please contact the Sterling Animal Shelter.



Furry Friend Friday With Kyle!

kyle furry friend friday

Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  We’re back at it and today Kyle was gracious enough to take some time to chat with me.  Kyle is a one year old terrier mix up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.  If you’re looking for your new best friend, look no further!  Kyle has been waiting for his forever home for a while now and is ready to meet his match.

So Kyle I hear that you are not originally from Massachusetts, where were you before you came to the Northeast Animal Shelter?

Well believe it or not I was in a kill shelter in California!  I’m glad I dodged that one, let me tell you!  I was lucky enough to be found by a rescue organization that works with the shelter here in Salem, and they scooped me up and transported me to the East Coast.

Wow what a scary situation, now that you’re safe what is your favorite way to spend the day here?

I love getting to leave my cage!  As long as I’m not in my cage I’m having fun, and I have a lot of energy to burn once I’m not cooped up in there.  I love to go outside and play fetch, that is my favorite game for sure.  After a nice long game, I like to curl up in the closest lap I can find!  I’m only 8 pounds so I’m the perfect lap dog!  My friends that work at the shelter take me outside with them sometimes and rub me while we get some fresh air, I love doing that especially now that the beautiful weather is here.

Do you have a favorite toy here?

Well as I said fetch is my favorite game, so I would have to say my ball is my favorite toy.  If you’ll throw it, I’ll chase it all day!

Is there anything you’re afraid of?

Well the kill shelter in California was a very scary experience, and even though everyone here in Salem is very nice I hate being in my cage.  I get so nervous when I have to go back in, it’s hard not knowing when I’ll get to go out again or play with my friends!  Sometimes I put up a fuss when I have to get back in, but I’m young so how can you blame me?  As long as I’m not in my cage I’m fine, but if my new family wants to crate train me it wouldn’t be as scary.

Since you’re not a fan of your cage you must be pretty excited when you get to go out for walks, do you have a favorite route that you take?

I’m just happy to be out and about and love to go anywhere!  We have a really nice grassy area near the shelter, and I love going over there to sniff and roll around in the grass, especially when it’s sunny!

 Kyle I know you’re young, but why would you want your new family to consider pet insurance for you?

Even though I’m young and healthy, anything can happen!  I’m very careful of course but anything can happen, accidents are accidents for a reason  and even though I don’t plan on getting sick or hurt, I’d want to be protected if something ever happened.

Kyle makes a good point, accidents are accidents for a reason, which is why it is always a good idea to consider pet insurance regardless of your pets age! All of our furry friends deserve the best care possible, so give us a call for a pet insurance quote today!  If you’re interested in meeting Kyle, contact the Northeast Animal Shelter, he would be the perfect companion for an active young couple or family with teenagers!


A Very Special Furry Friend Friday!


Happy Furry Friend Friday!  We’re back today with a very special interview, typically we feature furry friends that are pets of our employees, but today we took a different approach.  We contacted the Lowell Humane Society to see if they had any animals that would be willing to sit down with me, and lucky enough I got to sit down with Peachie!  Peachie is a two and a half year old girl up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society, she is house trained and very sweet!

So Peachie, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

I love going for walks!  It’s my favorite thing to do and lately I have even been doing some nose work training!  I’ve been smelling different things and am getting better and better each day, and when I go for walks there are so many different things for me to explore.  I also love getting my belly rubbed, I am a real cuddler!

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well usually I get to go outside in the play yard or across the street and walk along the Merrimack River, it’s really beautiful but I have been here at the shelter for a while so would like to find my forever home and go on a lot more adventures!  I’m sure there must be a lot of other smells to experience out there and I have a lot of energy!

Do you have a favorite toy?

My favorite toy is my squeaky rabbit, I love the noise it makes every time I chew on it!  I also love marrow bones!  They are my favorite treat but are also kind of like a toy, I can chew on those things for hours.

As a pit bull mix you look very tough, but is there anything that scares you?

Well looks can be deceiving, even though I am a pit bull mix I am still a gentle girl, although I do have some anxiety.  I get along with most people, but sometimes certain people make me very nervous, I would never bite them but sometimes I bark at them.  I would be best off in a home where I am the only pet with adults only, because I have anxiety, other animals and kids sometimes make me nervous.

Peachie why would you recommend getting pet insurance?

Well pet insurance is always good to have just in case anything ever happens to me, or any pet.  Accidents happen and even young dogs such as myself can have issues.  I am healthy as a horse right now, but you never know what can happen in the future.  Think about it, humans have health insurance, why shouldn’t pets?  We have to go to the vets just like humans go to the doctors, so why not pay a little throughout the year instead of having to pay a large fee upfront?

Peachie is a very smart girl, she realizes that pet insurance is extremely important for any pet owner!  If you’re interested in getting a quote for your furry friend, call us at MassDrive!

Peachie is a very cute and unique girl, she would make a wonderful pet for a young, active adult or couple.  Peachie has been looking for her forever home for a while, would you be willing to open your heart  to a new best friend?  If you’re interested in adopting Peachie contact the Lowell Humane Society.



Furry Friend Friday With Stitch!


Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  Today I got to interview Stitch, our office is full of dog people so it’s not too often that I get to interview a cat, which made today’s blog extra exciting.  And yes he is named after the character from Lilo and Stitch, in case you were wondering.

So Stitch, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Personally, I enjoy lounging around on the sofa near the back window and gazing up at the birds.  If I’m outside, I like to lay under the trees and watch them fly around above me, there’s something about them that I find so fascinating.  It’s pretty tempting to chase after them too and take part in all of their fun, unfortunately I’ve been slacking on my workouts and have put on a few pounds so I’m not as quick as I used to be.  Any time I try to catch up with them they’ve flown away before  I barely make a move!

Do you have a favorite toy or treat?

I used to be into toys when I was a kitten, but I’ve outgrown them at my age.  I’m not that big on treats either, usually I just humor my humans by eating them, but I really think they are contributing to my excess pudge around the middle.  Honestly, I’m not really interested in much, other than myself.  I’m a cat, what do you expect?

Do you have any fears?

My sister has a pet yorkie, named Rupert, I believe you have interviewed him as well, but he is not on my good side.  He makes me VERY nervous whenever he comes over, I typically try to keep my distance.  He’s only half my size, but I wouldn’t put anything past him, he is a dog after all.

Are you an indoor or outdoor cat?

I am free to come and go from my castle whenever I want, but if I want to go outside, I just need one of my servants to open the door.  When I’m out and about I don’t stray too far from home though.

Have you had any experiences where pet insurance might have come in handy?

Well it’s a funny story actually, when I was born my front leg was a bit crooked.  I was born on a farm and the woman who ran the farm thought that no one would want me because of my leg,  I guess you could say I was the runt of the litter.  Anyways, she told my sister that if no one adopted me they were planning on putting me to sleep!  I know, it would have been such a tragedy but that’s why my sister saved me!  She didn’t want me to be put down just because of my leg so she brought me home that day.  It turned out that my leg corrected itself over time, so I would have been put down for no reason!  Even though my leg turned out fine eventually, it would have been nice to get it checked out and see what was wrong.

Stitch is a lucky cat, he has been relatively healthy his whole life and his only issue ended up healing over time.  Not all pets are quite as lucky, which is why pet insurance is so important!  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a quote for your furry friend!




Furry Friend Friday With Riley!


Friday is here yet again and we’re back with another Furry Friend interview to celebrate!  Today I got to chat with Riley, a miniature black lab.  Personally, I have never heard of a miniature black lab, so I was very excited for this interview in particular.  Once I met Riley, I never would have guessed that he was 10 years old, he looks like a puppy!  This adorable guy was gracious enough to spare some time on this beautiful day for our interview, read below to see what he had to say!

So Riley, I have never heard of a miniature black lab, you must get a lot of attention from people when they see you out and about.

My breed is more common than you would think, you’ve probably seen us out and about and just thought we were lab puppies, my sister says I still look like I’m only a year old!

What is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love to follow my mom around the house, she is my favorite companion and I love being by her side.  Other than that, I like to play with my cousin Marty, he is also a black lab, although not miniature.  He lives next door and is only 2 years old, but he is definitely bigger than me already!  He keeps me young though, we get to hang out almost every day.

Do you have a favorite toy that you like to play with?

My favorite toy would have to be my squeaky squirrel.  When I chew on him he makes a loud sound that I love, and  I can usually find someone to play tug of war with me!

Is there anything that scares you?

The only thing that makes me nervous is new people.  Whenever someone comes to the door that I don’t recognize, it makes me a little nervous because I am very protective of my family.  I bark A LOT and sometimes my family gets mad, but I’m just looking out for them.  Once I get to know someone I am very friendly though, I am a lab after all!

What’s your favorite place to go for a walk?

We live right near Black and White Beach in Manchester and that is by far the best place to explore.  So many sights, smells, and sounds on the ocean, I can’t get enough!  We usually walk about a mile on the beach, now that I’m a little older that’s the perfect length for me, not too long but still long enough to tucker me out. 

Do you have any health concerns for the future, or have there been any instances where pet insurance might have come in handy?

Well, I do have quite a few cysts that make me a little nervous.  Most of them are fatty tumors but I can’t stand going to the vet’s to get them diagnosed!  Thinking about the possibilities of what it could be is scary, and it’s also expensive so I feel a little guilty when my mom has to pay.  I hear that cysts are common in labs though, and I’m sure my family will be keeping a close eye on me!

Riley is an older dog, and as he said cysts are common in labs and paying for biopsies can get expensive after a few tests.  Don’t let your pet’s health suffer because of finances!  Give us a call at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote, your furry friend (and your wallet) will thank you next time they need to go to the vet!


Furry Friend Friday With Bear!


Here we are again with another Furry Friend Friday interview!  We finally got a beautiful, sunny Friday for an interview and today I chatted with Bear, and no he’s not actually a real bear, just an adorable seven year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

So Bear what is your favorite way to spend the day?

I actually have a few pastimes, I’m a fan of the great outdoors, so I love going hiking or doing anything related to nature.  My absolute favorite thing to do outside is go crabbing! I’m a big seafood fan, so whenever we go to the beach I always look out for any dead crabs I can munch on.  They’re pretty good too so don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

Do you have any favorite toys or treats?

I’m not really a fan of toys, haven’t been ever since I was a young pup.  Just because I don’t like toys doesn’t mean I don’t like to play though; I have a lot of friends both human and K-9 and we always have a great time.  When it comes to treats though, that’s a totally different story.  You know those baked pig ears? Those are my favorite snack ever! My mom thinks they’re weird because sometimes they have hair on them and are from a real pig, but I can’t get enough! I could happily eat those things all day if I had the chance.

What about any fears?  Does anything scare you?

I have to admit that water does make me very nervous, I don’t like to go near it but I always seem to get thrown in! I don’t know why people think it’s funny to scare me, they wouldn’t like it if I scared them!  I do have a life vest that is just for dogs though, so I’m safe when I go in the water, I just don’t like it.

Do you have a favorite place to go for a walk?

Well as I said, I’m very into the outdoors and I love going to the golf course near my house.  I get to run free in those wide open spaces and take in the fresh air.

Have you ever been in a situation where pet insurance would have come in handy?

Well, about four years ago I had a near death experience that cost my family A LOT of money.  It all started when I tore a ligament in my thigh, which was painful enough to begin with!  I needed surgery to fix it and unfortunately my vet messed up the procedure and I got a serious infection.  I couldn’t even go to the bathroom and eventually my family had to take me to the animal emergency room.  After that I spent two weeks in the ASPCA hospital before I could finally go home.  It was very traumatizing.

Medical issues can happen at any time, and in this situation Bear’s pain was all due to the vet’s mistake during surgery.  This whole situation cost his family thousands and thousands of dollars, a cost which would have been covered if he had pet insurance.  Give us a call at MassDrive today and get a quote for pet insurance, if your furry friend were ever in trouble, you wouldn’t want finances getting in the way of life saving treatment!



Furry Friend Friday With Maya!


Happy Friday everyone, we’re here to kick off your weekend with another furry friend interview!  Today I got to interview an adorable dog named Maya, she is the second girl that I’ve interviewed that is lucky enough to live in Phoenix, Arizona.  Maya is a very unique dog as she is both a rescue pup and deaf!  Although she’s had some challenges so far, she has overcome them and is living in the lap of luxury!

So Maya, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, the first thing I do every morning is to go for a walk with my friend Bruno, he is my neighbor’s dog and we love to walk over to the park near our condo complex.  The park right inside the complex it pretty run down, so we go to the one about a block away.  The grass is beautiful and it is so clean there, they even have a doggie water fountain for us!  After my walk, I love coming home to my new bed and taking a nap!  It’s a luxury king size dog bed, I have so much room to lounge and could stay there all day.

Do you have a favorite toy?

I guess you could say I’m pretty spoiled, because I have A LOT of toys to choose from!  My favorite in particular are the ones that I can use for tug of war, as long as I can find someone to play with me.

What about a favorite treat?

My dad says I am just like him because I love to eat so much, and as I said I am pretty spoiled so I get a lot of treats.  Out of all of them, I like milk bones a lot, they aren’t too rough on my teeth and taste delicious!

Is there anything that scares you?

My biggest fear is definitely water!  I won’t go near it at all, not the rain, shower, or any large body of water.  My dad is so good to me though, he even washes me with water-free shampoo so I don’t have to get near the water at all.  Other than that, the vacuum is my other nemesis, it is always trying to chase me!  I’m deaf so I can’t hear it coming, but I always stay a few steps ahead of it because I’m pretty quick.

It’s not every day we interview a deaf dog, how did everyone find out you were deaf?

It’s a funny story actually, when my dad adopted me from the local pound, he had no idea I was even deaf!  A few days after he rescued me, we went over to his friends house to relax and watch the movie “Inception”, you may have heard of it.  Anyways, I was a little sleepy and dozed off for a bit, I guess a huge action scene came on and my dad was shocked that I was able to sleep through it.  Eventually he brought me to the vet for a check up and that’s when they told him the news.  He loves me just the same anyways, who could ever resist my cute little face?

Do you have any health concerns for the future?  Or have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had pet insurance?

Well as I said, I’m deaf so that poses an issue, however that would not be covered by pet insurance since it is a pre-existing condition.  I still worry about going to the vets though, and a month after I was adopted I had to go because I got an ear infection.  Soon after that I was also diagnosed with severe allergies as well.  I can’t catch a break, can I?  Well, it’s really my dad who can’t catch a break, he did not get pet insurance for me so he had to pay for those costs out of pocket!  If he had just signed me up for a policy, those costs would have been covered.

Maya is a young girl who has had some tough luck in the health department.  At a young age, this is pretty unusual but pet owners should always be prepared for anything!  That’s why calling us up at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote is so important.  Pet insurance ranges in price based on the age and breed of your pet, and in most cases is less than $80 per month which may sound like a lot, but when it comes to your furry friend, their health is priceless.  Coming up with a few extra dollars per month for your pet’s benefit is much easier than paying a huge bill upfront, and we don’t want anyone to have to deny their pet the care they need because of finances.  So, call us up for a quote and get your furry friend insured!




Our First Feline Furry Friend Friday!


Today is a very exciting day here at MassDrive, it’s our first ever feline Furry Friend Friday!  I’ve never interviewed a cat before, and many of them are known to have an attitude so I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this interview.  Luckily I was pleasantly surprised and had a very interesting conversation with Faith, a four year old girl who was rescued from the MSPCA.

So Faith, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Personally, I take my hygiene VERY seriously so I spend a fair amount of time cleaning my fur, which is why it looks so beautiful in case you were wondering.  Other than that, I like to sit near my back window and look out at the birds.  My mom says I try and chirp at them every time I see them, I didn’t think she could hear that!

Are you an indoor or outdoor cat?

I am strictly an indoor cat.  Do you know how dangerous it can be out there for a pretty young girl like me?  I was actually rescued by the MSPCA and they require that cats be kept indoors for their own safety.  I don’t have a problem with this at all, especially when it’s cold out, or raining, or too hot.  I’m very happy to stay inside, lounge around, and watch the world go by.

What’s Your Favorite Toy To Play With?

I’m too mature for toys.  They honestly don’t interest me, I have a very furry blanket that I enjoy laying on and I guess that is the closest thing I have to a toy.  I also use the couch as a scratching post if need be, but toys are for kittens.  You think you can fool me with that laser pointer trick?  Been there, done that and I’m over it.

You are a very sassy kitty, is there anything that scares you?

As I said I was rescued by the MSPCA, before I came to my wonderful home with my mom, I was kept on a chain in my old yard for a very long time.  Eventually it got embedded into my skin, and the healing period was a painful process.  Ever since then, I get very nervous whenever anyone tries to touch my neck.  If I know the person, I’m fine with them rubbing my neck but only after I come over to them.  I don’t enjoy having people pet me unless it’s on my terms.

Do you have any health concerns at the moment?

Right now I am in tip top shape, the only thing that bothers me is all of the hairballs that get stuck in my throat.  I eat hairball control food which does help somewhat, but other than that, I am very healthy.

Lucky for Faith, and her mom, she hasn’t had any major health issues after being rescued, however, as the years go by problems creep up on everyone.  Having pet insurance gives you peace of mind and is a lot less expensive than paying for surgery, x-rays, blood tests, and any other health related expenses that might come up.  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a quote for your furry friend!


Furry Friend Friday With Roxie!


We’re back at it again, for today’s Furry Friend Friday I sat down with Roxie!  Roxie is a boxer who is entering her golden years, but that doesn’t stop her from getting out and about!  Today she was nice enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions about her day to day routine.

Roxie, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I used to be more active when I was younger, but I still love going for a ride in the car, shot gun of course!  Other than that my main interests are eating big meals, being around my family, playing with my fellow K9 friends, and sun bathing for a few hours.  What could be better?

Do you have a favorite toy?

My rope toy! I could play with that for hours on end if someone will play tug of war with me!  You may think that toys are just for puppies but us older dogs still like to play!

What about a favorite treat? 

CHEESE!  I am a cheese fiend and will do anything for it!

I’m sure as a boxer you are very brave, but is there anything that does scare you?

It’s ironic that I am a boxer because my mom would tell you I’m a big baby.  Even though I look tough, loud noises make me jump.  Thunder is the worst though, it always gets to me!

Where is your favorite place to go for a walk?

I love to explore the woods near my house, there are so many things to smell and new sights to see!  If we don’t go for a walk in the woods, I’m perfectly content to roam around my yard.  We have an electric fence so I can pretty much go wherever I please.  When I was younger I loved to dig up all of the flowers in our yard after running around for a bit, it got rid of all of my extra energy but my parents are glad that I stopped.

Do you have any health concerns?

I’ve been very fortunate in the past and didn’t have many issues at all, however now that I am getting a little older the problems are starting to creep up on me.  I recently had an ear infection, staph infection, and then I pulled a muscle in my shoulder!  I am also becoming allergic to something, however it is still a mystery as to what it is so that will require some tests.  As you can see I have a few minor issues, but they racked up some major vet bills!

Unfortunately, Roxie does not have pet insurance.  Even though she had somewhat minor issues, they resulted in major vet bills which can be a financial burden for some.  Give us a call at MassDrive today and get a pet insurance quote for your furry friend!  There’s no better feeling than knowing your four-legged friend is protected against the unexpected!





Furry Friend Friday With Tela!


Happy Friday everyone, hope that you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day celebrations!  Today I got to chat with a love bug named Tela, she is an eight year old Wheaten Terrier with a lot of energy!

Tela, I have to say you have a very pretty and unique name!

Thank you!  I was actually named after a Phish song, they are my dad’s favorite band!

So Tela, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

My favorite thing to do is sit in my chair in the living room, my parents always laugh at me because I sit just like a human!  I like to call it my perch,  it is right next to the window so I have a great view of our yard and can just sit there while I watch the world go by.  If there is a lot going on outside, like my neighborhood friends going out for walks or some squirrels running by I get VERY excited!  Once I get excited I run outside so I can do some laps and  burn off all my extra energy!

Do you have a favorite treat?

Every day when my babysitter, Maureen, arrives the first thing she does is give me a treat!  I am a very lucky girl because I usually get a mini hotdog treat, they look like the real thing but are just for dogs.

What about a favorite toy?

I have a habit of destroying most of my toys, I don’t even mean to do it though!  I guess I just play a little too rough some times but the one thing that I am very careful with is my lovey, it is a froggie blanket that I sleep with every night.  I don’t even try to play with it though because I don’t want to risk hurting it!

Is there anything that you’re afraid of?

I can’t stand when there is a low battery in the smoke detectors!  The constant beeping makes me nervous and the sound is so high pitched that it hurts my ears so those are probably my biggest fear.  I never know how long it is going to take for my parents to turn it off and what if it happens when I’m home alone?  The sound drives me crazy!

With so much energy you must love to go for walks, do you have a favorite route?

You’re right I do love to go for walks.  I’ll follow my dad around all day if I think he might bring me out, there are so many things to see and smell right outside of my own back yard!  Lately we have been going for walks up the Parkway to the water town in West Roxbury which is nice.  There is a great view of Boston and it’s a nice spot for me to go and enjoy some “me time”.  Other than that I enjoy our family hikes on Martha’s Vineyard, there’s nothing better than tiring myself out on a walk before watching the sun set on the beach!

Do you have any health concerns for the future?

Well my parents recently found a lump on me that made us very nervous.  They took me to the vet but it turned out to be some fatty tissue, I don’t even know how that happened though because I am a very active and sleek young lady if you ask me.  My parents were relieved that it was something so minor, luckily we have pet insurance so either way my medical bills would have been covered.

Fatty tumors are very common on all breeds of dogs but can resemble cancerous tumors.  This is a scary situation for any pet owner and you won’t have peace of mind until you know whether or not it is cancerous.  Tests and biopsies can really add up which is why pet insurance is so essential when it comes to properly caring for your furry friend!  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a pet insurance quote, you won’t regret being prepared to take the best possible care of your pet if the time comes!

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