Looking for a Place to Find Auto Insurance in Mass?

Feel like your paying too much for car insurance?  For younger or high risk drivers some feel that they are paying more towards their massachusetts car insurance that what their car is actually worth if it were to get totaled.  For example if a car was valued at $2000 and the driver was paying $170 a month for full coverage, then in a calender year they would over pay by $40 the value of his or her car.  There are plenty things that can lead up to a high monthly premium for a lesser valued car such as the driver having many traffic violations.

The key question asked at rentisky.com was “what’s a good website for comparing auto insurance rates in Massachusetts?”

A good place to find Massachusettes car insurance is massdrive.com, they are very helpful in obtaining an affordable quote.

Gas Prices on the rise!

Last month gas prices jumped up 45 cents! This has people hoping for the best after last years high prices during the summer season.

Last week in Massachusetts, gas prices rose 10 cents for regular unleaded gas. Unfortunately, this was the sixth week in a row that gas prices has risen. If you are one of many drivers who owns a larger vehicle, your wallet could start to take a hit.

You are not helpless in this situation though. Here are some tips to help you manage your gas mileage.

There is no way to tell what’s in store for the future but make sure you stay up to date here at MassDriver.org!

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